Matt Barkley Engaged to Girlfriend Brittany Langdon

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 12, 2013

Image via Matt Barkley's Twitter
Image via Matt Barkley's Twitter

Mark your calendars, everyone—former USC quarterback Matt Barkley and his girlfriend Brittany Langdon are tying the knot and have set a date for the big day.

According to, the couple is officially engaged and will be marrying on July 6, 2013.

Barkley and Langdon’s marriage doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Speculation concerning when the couple would tie the knot has been going on for several months, but Barkley has been pretty mum about giving out the specifics about his marriage plans with Langdon.

Langdon, a former all-league soccer player at Seattle Pacific University, appears to have already been thrown a bachelorette party in Palm Springs.

Barkley and Langdon have been dating for several years, and in 2011, they spent Christmas visiting orphanages in Nigeria—a period when the USC football program was still under an NCAA-sanctioned bowl ban and was unable to participate in any postseason events.

Information concerning how the former Heisman Trophy candidate popped the question is scant. Barkley certainly wasn’t ready to give anything away about his plans to propose when sportscaster Dan Patrick began asking about the subject during a December 2012 interview.

Based on his responses, Barkley has it handled. He obviously had something up his sleeve and was in no mood to give any of it away. 

Knowing his track record of creative surprises, it’s safe to assume Barkley’s proposal was a good one. He had a particularly inventive way of telling head coach Lane Kiffin that he’d be staying at USC for his senior year, delivering the news on the back of a handmade ornament at Christmas in 2011.

Barkley is expected by many to be drafted near the top of the second round in the 2013 NFL draft and has announced he will not be attending the draft in person. 

Is it a surprise Barkley isn’t attending, though? First round or no first round, the man has a bigger task ahead of him—he’s got a wedding to help plan.


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