WWE Backlash 2009 Prediction Competition

JSenior Analyst IApril 22, 2009

For rules and results of all my prediction competitions, follow this link

The final card has been decided for Backlash, so you can now make your picks for the winners in the second of my prediction competitions.

For those who missed the last one, the rules can be found on the last competition article from WrestleMania XXV.

It’s pretty simple; make a pick for each of the matches that will be at Backlash listed below. Each match has a weighting based on the unpredictable nature of the match, number of participants, or importance etc.

The higher a score is, the more valuable the match, with scores ranging from one to three. The person with the most points overall at the end will be declared the winner.

The weightings are up for discussion, so if you feel I have unfairly scored a match, please tell me.

The winners of the last competition were Josh Fox and Sean David. Full results here.

There is no prize, merely the satisfaction of knowing you are the best “oracle” in the B/R Wrestling section.

One rule I forgot to mention last time is that if a match significantly changes then it cannot be counted in the scoring.

This rule is pretty subjective, and depends on the situation whether it is used. For example, when I played this at home during No Way Out we had to completely discard the last elimination chamber as Edge managed to weasel his way into it at the last minute.

Onto the matches:

World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Edge – (3)

WWE Championship – Team HHH (c) vs. Legacy (3)

ECW Championship – Jack Swagger (c) vs. Christian (2)

“I quit” match - Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (2)

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (2)

Kane vs. CM Punk (1)

Apparently there is also a Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP match, so please leave your picks for this. However, this hasn't been confirmed by the WWE yet.

I will weight this match when it becomes official.

Leave you entries in the form of a stand alone comment below.

The idea of this article is to try and bandage up the hemorrhaging wound that produces massive amounts of prediction articles in the B/R Wrestling section.

I can’t stop anyone writing them but they do get a little much sometimes, as most will agree. But I hope this will provide a decent outlet for these predictions, and I hope you will take part.

The last competition received 58 entries, and I hope I can gain the same interest with this competition.

Everyone who participated last time seemed to have fun doing it, so don’t feel intimidated to have a go. It’s only a bit of fun, so get guessing!