Omoregie Uzzi Scouting Report: NFL Outlook for Georgia Tech Guard

Jon DoveContributor IApril 16, 2013

BLACKSBURG, VA - SEPTEMBER 03:  Guard Omoregie Uzzi #77 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets blocks against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium on September 3, 2012 in Blacksburg, Virginia.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Georgia Tech’s Omoregie Uzzi is a long shot to hear his name called during the upcoming draft. He’s a size prospect who lacks the awareness and feel for the game to make an immediate impact. Uzzi is just too raw of a prospect to warrant a draft pick.

However, he has some of the physical attributes that could make him attractive to a team or two. Even if he doesn’t get drafted, Uzzi will get a shot somewhere.


Strengths Weaknesses
+ Size - Lack of Balance
+ Raw Athleticism - Poor Technique
  - Limited Awareness

Tools    Height-6’3”            Weight- 305 pounds             Arm Length- 34”       40 time- 5.26

Intangibles/Character: Uzzi played a major role in the success of Georgia Tech's ground game over the past few years. Georgia Tech's sports page mentions Uzzi as "one of Georgia Tech's most-decorated offensive linemen of all-time."

System: Because of his good measurables and athleticism, Uzzi has the potential to fit any system. The issue is that he’ll need a ton of coaching before he can make an impact. This is a prospect who is like an unmolded piece of clay. A good offensive line coach could potentially develop Uzzi into whatever type of player the team prefers.

Pass-Blocking: Georgia Tech’s run-heavy offense didn’t provide Uzzi with many pass-blocking opportunities. More specifically, the blocking concepts didn’t resemble those he’ll be asked to fulfill at the next level.

This lack of experience is one of the main reasons why Uzzi has such poor technique. The image below shows Uzzi in an upright stance and with a narrow base. This limits Uzzi’s ability to change direction, anchor against the bull rush and quickly shuffle his feet.

It’ll take a ton of work and time before Uzzi can be considered anything other than a liability as a pass-protector.

Run-Blocking: Uzzi has good raw strength and athleticism, but doesn’t have the awareness to succeed as a run-blocker. He struggles taking proper angles to his target and has a tendency to lunge or dive at the defender. The below clip shows Uzzi diving at the defensive lineman, completely missing and falling on his face:

Basically, he looks to just throw his body into the defender. Uzzi doesn’t use his hands to lock on, doesn’t keep a low pad level and is just ineffective as a blocker.

The image below is an example of how his poor technique disrupts the timing of the offense. Here he’s thrown back into the backfield. This occurred because he was slow out of his stance and attacked the defender without balance.

Blocking in Space: There are simply too many holes in Uzzi’s game to feel comfortable allowing him to work in space. Until he cleans up his technique, Uzzi will need help from other offensive linemen to avoid being a major liability.

Hand Fighting: Uzzi doesn’t work to gain inside hand placement in any situation. Too often, he throws his shoulder or body into the defender. This limits his ability to play with balance, move defenders off the ball and protect the passer.

Recovery:  A lack of awareness and feel for the game routinely puts Uzzi out of position. His inability to remain balanced hinders how he reacts to counter moves and resets after initial contact. It takes a real commitment to playing with proper technique to succeed at the next level.

Technique: As mentioned throughout the report, Uzzi consistently plays with a lack of proper technique. He needs a lot of coaching to correct the many holes in his game. Uzzi has no chance at succeeding at the next level unless he cleans up his approach.

Future Role/Versatility: Uzzi’s future depends on the type of coaching he receives and how he takes to the coaching.

Draft Projection: Seventh round or undrafted free agent