Kane Should Return to His Demonic Heel Roots This Year

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 16, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.comGallo Images/Getty Images

Kane will shed his recent goofiness and rediscover his demonic roots by the end of the year.

He has long been one of the most disturbing and compelling figure in WWE. His strength is playing the nightmarish villain. With as intimidating as he is physically, it seems that he was built with that purpose in mind.

Team Hell No has lasted longer as a unit than anyone could have expected. They can sustain their friendship and cohesion for a while, but eventually it will end.

In WWE, no allegiance is forever. Even brothers, both storyline and real, eventually split. When that time comes for Daniel Bryan and Kane, Kane will travel in the direction of darkness, a return home.

The beatboxing, Gatorade-splashing, hugging version of Kane has been fun, but WWE needs monsters for its heroes to vanquish. Even in the PG era, a touch of the macabre is necessary.

A darker, more scary Kane provides Sheamus, John Cena and WWE's other top faces with an ideal foil.

Light cannot exist without darkness. The righteous must have something to slay.

Take stock of WWE's current heel supply and one sees the dominating in the form of Mark Henry, the arrogant in Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro and the rugged in The Shield. Missing from that equation is the kind of sadistic and demented villain which Kane can provide.

As far back as The Sheik and Bruiser Brody, WWE could always turn to its disturbing characters for unsettling entertainment. Like horror movies, these kinds of wrestlers delivery a uniquely cathartic experience.

Being afraid is an addictive form of amusement. Is there anyone on the roster better at providing that than Kane?

Kane has cycled from masked to unmasked to masked again. He's gone from The Devil's Favorite Demon to a model anger management patient. It's time for him to return to his origins.

He is 45 years old so one has to assume that Kane won’t be around for that much longer. Before he's forced to retire, why not have him return to his demonic ways?

Using him as a dark heel is using his skill set to its fullest. His long resume is proof of that.

It was the silent, masked figure amidst flames who WWE fans first came to love. Many of those fans long for him to return to that version of his character.

Who better to provide a polarizing foe for Alberto Del Rio post-Jack Swagger? Who better to serve as an arduous obstacle for Miz?

WWE benefits its good guys, its fans and Kane himself by sliding him back into a darker role, the one he was born to play.