Breaking Down Aly Raisman's Dancing with the Stars Week 5 Performance

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IApril 16, 2013

Just when it seems like Aly Raisman can't further outdo herself, she raises the bar again. 

Dancing the samba to Misery by Maroon 5 in Week 5 of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Raisman and partner Mark Ballas pulled off a high-energy routine that was graceful and fun. They earned an impressive 25-out-of-30 for this routine with judge Len saying, "Aly, your bottom is tops" (h/t Celeb Dirty Laundry).

Is this akin to saying a future prospect has a high floor, or is Len talking about parts of the body here? I can't be sure, but what I can tell is that Len, and the other two judges, were impressed. 

Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

This week, the duo had to not only pull off their routine, but they had to do so while dancing alongside two other professionals. 

This was a first for the popular show, and it is easy to see why it would make the celebrity competitors a little nervous.

However, it's not like the gold-medal winning Raisman doesn't know how to perform when the pressure is on.

On top of that, this performance was especially impressive considering the two had a tough act to follow from last week. Dancing a contemporary to the song Titanium by David Guetta in Week 4, the two took home their highest score of the competition with a 27. 

On top of what was already on top of that, as Digital Spy's Justin Harp passes along, Raisman admitted the the samba is "really hard for [her]."

I'd like to be that good at things that were really hard for me. 

The rest of her competitors cannot be thrilled to see that the samba was difficult for her and then watch her pull off a routine like that. Is there anything this girl can't do? 

Raisman will find out tomorrow if she survived elimination this week, but I don't think she'll have to lose any sleep worrying about this one. She will be just fine.