Matt Hasselbeck Wins No.8 Jersey from Chandler Harnish in Interesting Fashion

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIApril 16, 2013

With the signing of Matt Hasselbeck, an interesting question arose.

What number would the veteran quarterback wear?

Hasselbeck had previously worn the No. 8 jersey with both the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans, but Chandler Harnish, aka Mr. Irrelevant, currently held that number.

So instead of just asking for it, Hasselbeck came up with great idea.

The idea was that if Chandler Harnish made a half-court shot, Hasselbeck would wear the No. 8 jersey and give Harnish $8,000.  If Harnish missed, then Hasselbeck would stick with No. 11, the number he wore with the Green Bay Packers in his early years.

You can see for yourself how it ended:

Although Hasselbeck has only been a member of the Colts for around a month, it already feels like he's right at home with this organization.  At 37 years old, he won't be expected to do much but help teach Andrew Luck and help him develop into a better quarterback.  However, his presence is certainly a welcome one that fans will embrace in Indianapolis.

For Harnish, it's great to see the money going to charity.  He may be Mr. Irrelevant, but he's found a way to stay on this team and contribute in any way he can.

Welcome to Indianapolis, Mr. Hasselbeck.  We're happy to have you.