WWE Rumor: Big Update on Plans for Booker T and Teddy Long

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 16, 2013

Photo from wwe.com.
Photo from wwe.com.

Just what is the general manager situation on SmackDown?

GM Booker T and assistant Teddy Long have been bickering constantly of late, with the insinuation being that Booker's recent Hall of Fame induction has led to a huge ego and hunger for power.

So much so that he's even started coming out on Raw, a show Vickie Guerrero is in charge of, throwing out orders and making matches.

Poor Teddy seems to be wondering just what has happened to his once-good friend.

So, all this indicates that Booker is headed for a heel turn, right? Well, maybe not.

In this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez gives an update on current plans for the duo, noting that longtime babyface Long may, in fact, be the one turning heel:

The belief is that the proposed Booker T heel turn may not be taking place and that Teddy Long may get the heel GM role on Smackdown.

The idea of turning Long heel and making him the new GM is interesting. As noted, it's been years since the referee-turned-manager played a bad guy on WWE television. It's not a role he thrives in.

In many ways, he's simply a more natural face. He plays the likeable, reasonable authority figure to perfection and his hilarious habit of constantly coming out to make tag team matches has made him a beloved cult figure to many fans. He also forces every midcard heel around to face either Sheamus or Randy Orton in unannounced singles bouts.

In this respect, maybe giving Booker the heel turn is the best idea. Besides, after so long as a fan favorite, it remains doubtful that Long could get over with the fans as a heel.

How would a heel Teddy Long even work? Would he, in stark contrast to his earlier behavior, come out and start making tag team bouts into singles matches?