Robert Guerrero's Game Plan Won't Be Enough to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2013

LAS VEGAS - JULY 31:  Robert Guerrero celebrates his unanimous-decision victory over Joel Casamayor in their junior welterweight fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Robert Guerrero believes that he has the blueprint to hand Floyd Mayweather his first career loss on May 4, but by the end of the night it will be back to the drawing board for "The Ghost."

According to Josh Slagter of, Guerrero is supremely confident in his ability to knock off the WBC Welterweight Champion. He has a game plan not unlike the other fighters that have faced Mayweather, but Guerrero intends to execute it, something he says his predecessors failed to accomplish:

Most of the time, by the time (Mayweather's opponents) get in the ring, (the game plan) is already out the window. They're so mad, or they're scared, and their thought process is just blank when they're in the ring with Floyd. You gotta be ready, and you gotta be able to make those adjustments, and that's what I'm gonna do in the ring.

Mayweather is like a chameleon, with the ability to adapt to whatever his opponent throws his way. Guerrero appears to realize that, which is certainly a point in his favor. At the same time, saying that he's going to make the adjustments and actually doing it are two completely different things.

Tough-as-nails fighters like Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley have given Mayweather some trouble in the past, but "Money" has always managed to dictate the pace of his fights. Guerrero's best chance probably involves slowing things down, using his jab and neutralizing Mayweather's elite speed and quickness, but nobody has been able to do that over the course of an entire bout. 

Guerrero may be able to impose his will at certain points, but Mayweather ultimately decide how the bout progresses. Guerrero is six years his junior and likely feels as though he can keep up with Mayweather throughout the bout, but "Money" is a physical freak and has never had problems with cardio in the past. 

In addition to that, Guerrero is at disadvantage in terms of experience in the weight class. The majority of his fights have taken place in the featherweight division and he only has two welterweight bouts to his credit. He won both of those fights, but they both went the distance and he hasn't showcased a great deal of punching power at the heavier weight.

Mayweather isn't known for his knockout ability either, but he has sneaky punching power. He also has plenty of experience as a welterweight and has seamlessly transitioned from one weight class to another over the past several years.

No matter what game plan Guerrero has, Mayweather has probably seen it and already knows how to compensate for it.

Guerrero has provided plenty of tough talk ahead of the fight, but it's inevitable that he'll feel differently once he steps into the ring with Mayweather. Every fighter who has ever taken Mayweather on has been outwardly confident, but failed to deliver come fight night. 

The Ghost has every intention of unseating Mayweather on May 4, but the champ will find a way to come out with his hand raised, just like he has 43 times previously.

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