John Morrison Reveals What Went Wrong in Last WWE Match Plus New Fitness DVD

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistApril 17, 2013

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If you thought John Morrison was entertaining when he made your jaw drop with amazing athletic maneuvers in the wrestling arena―you have to check out his new fitness DVD that's been released.

I spoke to Morrison in an interview recorded on TribLIVE sports radio in Pittsburgh about his new DVD and much more.

Out Of Your Mind Fitness will not only feature Morrison doing some crazy movements, but he's also teaching you how to get your body to a new level. He was dedicated to being a WWE Superstar for a decade, but Morrison told me this has become top priority in his life.

“It's something I've put more working into than I've done with anything else in my life,” said Morrison. When you think about the performance you've seen out of him already in WWE, that's an encouraging statement for anyone interested in fitness.

“Out of your mind fitness is designed to train the human body to move. It's something that's very important for everybody. Whether you're a professional athlete, professional wrestler or you've got a desk job―movement affects your quality of life. Out Of Your Mind Fitness―what we did is we take these crazy movements and break them down through a series of exercise progressions that takes somebody at any level. Anybody who can do a push-up or squat can start at level one and build their way up to level five.”

Morrison went on to give some words to those who might be concerned about being able to complete everything in the DVD. “It's really about the journey. So even if you're never able to do a one-arm pull-up, you find that along the journey you get into the shape of your life and you consistently challenging your body to adapt to these exercises that become increasingly difficult. For me, it's the way I train.”

There are six DVD's in the box when you order. It trains you as if you have an personal individual trainer. There is even an smart phone app coming for the OOYM Fitness. Specific and basic instruction is provided no matter what experience or skill level you're at. “Takes all the guess work out of it,” said Morrison.

OOYM Fitness is something Morrison has thought about as a business venture for a long time. Not only did he get to make this vision become a reality, but it's a nice showing of his talents and body now that's he healthy. Most fans probably didn't realize it, but the last time they saw Morrison on WWE Raw in November of 2011, it was a night he described by saying, “We made chicken soup out of chicken s***.”

Morrison was advertised for a Falls Count Anywhere match against The Miz. This was known by WWE management and Morrison to be his final Raw before his contract expired.

“It was originally going to be a crazy, bad-ass match. I had practice doing a couple Moonsaults from the scaffolding at a 15-foot level down to the floor. Star ship pain off the W. All these crazy things. We were running through rehearsals and I already did these crazy stunts and I was getting down from the W on stage, I jumped and my foot fell thru a hole in the metal and I severely sprained my ankle.”

It was not the way anyone wants to go out. What could have been an amazing match on free television for Morrison to leave his fans with didn't get to take place. In the end, The Miz gave Morrison his finisher on the stage to “injure” and write him out of WWE.

Right now the prince of parkour is focused on OOYM Fitness, which he at one point said he's “over the moon” with excitement to see the reaction it gets out of people.

While training you via DVD, working independent wrestling shows and working on some movie projects, Morrison is staying ready. He knows what he wants out of his future when the wrestling fans see him again on the big stage.

“As far as my overall grade or performance in WWE, I'd say I did the best I could at the time. If I had to do it over knowing what I know now, it would be better. When I get back to wrestling for whatever promotion I end up wrestling for, it will be better.”

Check out the full interview with Morrison where he talks more about OOYM Fitness, his WWE career and Zack Ryder not being used to the fullest.