Breaking News: Shield Member Possibly Injured at SmackDown Tapings

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIMay 22, 2013


Dolph Ziggler may not be the only WWE superstar to have a wave of momentum crushed by bad luck.

According to fan reports (via, Shield member and WWE Tag Team champion Roman Reigns may have hurt his ankle at this week's SmackDown tapings:

Two of our correspondents at last night's SmackDown tapings in Omaha, Nebraska noted that one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns may have been injured in the main event. Apparently Reigns tweaked his ankle during a six-man tag match with The Shield vs. Randy Orton, Big Show and Kofi Kingston. Reigns started limping after a spot with Orton on the ring apron. Reigns was seen limping around the ring during the end of the match and was helped to the back by a referee right after the finish. A post-show beat down by the babyfaces took place but only Dean and Seth Rollins were involved.

This is far from a confirmation of injury, but a severely hurt Reigns would be a devastating blow to the WWE.

The Shield have been the most consistently entertaining act on Raw since CM Punk's temporary departure. 

The WWE have invested a lot in the talented trio, and it would be a shame to see their tremendous potential be squandered.

Again, this is a fan report but it doesn't sound good.

It's possible that Reigns just did an outstanding job at selling a spot, but a member of The Shield being helped by a WWE referee almost certainly means something went wrong. 

As John Cena said on Raw a few weeks ago, there’s a big difference between hurt and injured.

Hopefully Reigns is the former and we won’t have to see this promising "Hound of Justice" put down.