Daniel Bryan: WWE, Please Don't Overlook This Superstar

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIApril 18, 2013

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Daniel Bryan is a star waiting to happen. In the last several years, he has come a long way, emerging as a compelling figure. He is capable of entertaining the fans, not only with his in-ring skills but with his personality.

Bryan can captivate the fans like CM Punk if given the chance. With this in mind, I hope and pray that WWE does not overlook this superstar, and I hope it has big things in store for him. 

WWE has a tendency of placing style over substance. That's why some stars have experienced tremendous success while others have yet to break the glass ceiling. In order to present a product that appeals to everyone, different types of talent need to be showcased.

This is where Bryan comes in.

Bryan has caught on with the fans. He knows how to entertain and has an amazing work rate. It's time to push him back into the singles spotlight and allow him to gain momentum in order to be taken seriously as a contender for either championship. Team Hell No has had a great run. Partnering Bryan with Kane has been beneficial for both men, especially Bryan.

However, it is time to move Bryan away from tag team competition. Team Hell No has run its course. I don't know how they should do it, but WWE Creative should come up with a plausible way to break up the team and let them go on their separate ways. One of the things that should be on their agenda is continuing the Daniel Bryan saga.

Daniel Bryan has champion written all over him. His first run as World Heavyweight Champion was eventful because it gave Bryan the confidence to let go and show a different side to his personality. It was also a test run for the future. Although his run as champion ended abruptly, Bryan was better for it. He ended up turning a negative into a positive. The fans couldn't help but get caught up. 

Imagine what a second run as champion would be like for Bryan as he defends the title against the likes of superstars like Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Big Show and Mark Henry. Imagine if he faced CM Punk again, this time with Punk as the heel and himself as face.

Bryan would be a different kind of champion that WWE can play off on and the fans can get behind. Just remember not to overlook him. We all deserve better.

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