WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Matches in Desperate Need of Stipulations

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Extreme Rules is usually one of the most interesting pay-per-views on the WWE calendar as it follows WrestleMania. It also tends to feature many different match types that generally aren't seen much throughout the rest of the year.

That will likely be the case this year as well. The only match that has been officially announced is a triple threat among Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, although a steel cage match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar is also on the table. Aside from that, much of the card is unsettled.

Even so, most fans can infer which matches will happen based on the feuds that are currently in place. With that in mind, here are three potential matches that desperately need stipulations in order to appeal to the masses. 


John Cena vs. Ryback

Ever since he attacked John Cena the night after WrestleMania XXIX, it has become quite clear that Ryback is pursuing Cena's WWE Championship. Ryback cemented his heel turn on the last episode of Raw as he explained the reasoning behind his actions and then failed to help Cena when The Shield beat him down. With no other contenders in sight, a Ryback vs. Cena bout at Extreme Rules is inevitable.

Both Ryback and Cena certainly have fans, but very few would classify either of them as a great technical wrestler. Cena has had some fantastic matches over the course of his career, although he normally needs a capable worker to oppose him. Ryback, on the other hand, hasn't really had a great singles match yet, so he could use some help in the form of a stipulation.

There are a lot of possibilities, but the ideal choice is an Extreme Rules or No Holds Barred match. Ryback can't do much aside from power moves, so it makes sense to introduce weapons into the fray. His six-man tag TLC match against The Shield at TLC was excellent, and his TLC match against CM Punk was good as well. Ryback tends to be at his best in the hardcore environment. A normal singles match would be pretty uninspiring, but it could steal the show in an Extreme Rules setting. 


Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

Since losing the World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus has been making the midcard rounds, and it appears as though that will continue. Mark Henry has attacked him on a couple occasions since WrestleMania for no apparent reason, so they are suddenly engaged in a budding rivalry. There may not be much background to their feud, but Henry and Sheamus are both tough customers. Therefore, it should be fairly interesting.

Henry and Sheamus actually had a match at SummerSlam two years ago. While it wasn't exactly one for the ages, both men showed what they could do as Henry won by countout. That feud never reached a proper conclusion; however, the WWE is going to rectify that. Sheamus and Henry could have a normal match, but that has already been done and most fans would probably like to see something added to the mix.

Since Henry and Sheamus are both hard-hitting superstars, a Last Man Standing match would be fitting. Neither man would have to take a pinfall, so nobody would necessarily look weak. Also, whoever wins would look like a million bucks as he would have to incapacitate a beast of an opponent. It's possible that the WWE wants to protect both wrestlers, so it could even be booked as a draw with neither of them answering the count of 10. For all those reasons, a Last Man Standing match between Henry and Sheamus would be quite sensible.



Randy Orton vs. Big Show

Many fans thought—or at least hoped— that Randy Orton would turn heel at WrestleMania XXIX and feud with Sheamus. Orton and Sheamus did have a match the night after 'Mania, but it didn't go over well and Orton is still a face. Instead, Orton has focused his attention on Big Show, who attacked both Orton and Sheamus following their WrestleMania bout against The Shield. An Extreme Rules match between Orton and Big Show seems imminent, but a stipulation is definitely needed to spice things up.

Orton and Big Show have faced each other on numerous occasions over the years as both of them have been on the WWE roster for a very long time. The Viper is still popular despite his stale character and Big Show still has some merit as well, but there can't be many people who are jumping up and down in joy over the thought of Orton vs. Big Show at Extreme Rules.

Big Show is kind of limited in the types of matches he can take part in, so he and Orton can't do anything too crazy. With an Extreme Rules match and a Last Man Standing match already spoken for, a Falls Count Anywhere match would be a solid addition to the contest. That would allow them to use weapons and make their way around the arena. It would break up the monotony of a typical Orton vs. Big Show encounter.


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