WWE: The Celtic Warrior Sheamus Is the Odd Man out on WWE Television

Alex MussoFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2013

Photo Courtesy WWE
Photo Courtesy WWE

Sheamus was at one point considered the No. 2 face of WWE behind only John Cena.  Now, he finds himself mired in irrelevant feuds.  He's become the odd man out on WWE TV.

Before Sheamus fans get upset, it should be explained that Sheamus really did not do anything wrong, nor have his in-ring skills diminished.  But Sheamus seems to have peaked, while others around him simply surpassed him in popularity and relevance.

Take Ryback for example.  Ryback himself is controversial.  Some fans love him, while others see him as the most overrated wrestler in WWE.  Whatever your opinion, Ryback has skyrocketed in popularity at the expense of Sheamus.  

Again, Sheamus did nothing wrong.  He had a series of great pay-per-view matches with The Big Show that surprised everyone with their quality.  But while wrestlers like Ryback, or even CM Punk, have risen to compete with Cena both in the ring and in popularity, Sheamus was left behind.  

Sheamus is a good wrestler that is popular with younger portions of the audience.  But more importantly, he's backed by Triple H.  Triple H, after all, trained Sheamus.  And he backs Sheamus backstage.  But fans cheer who they want, and Sheamus just doesn't get the same reaction as CM Punk, Ryback and others who have grown in popularity.

Now, Sheamus is in a feud with Mark Henry, really for no reason.  Henry destroyed Ryback at WrestleMania XXIX, and lost to Cena via count-out on Raw the next night.  So why Henry, who was close to a WWE title shot, is now completely out of the WWE title picture only God knows.  Or maybe Vince.  But I digress.

Sheamus is now basically in a feud that doesn't really matter.  And while it was thought by some that Sheamus and Randy Orton would feud after one of them turned heel, that seems to be over.  

Sheamus is lost as a character right now, and with both the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships occupied, Sheamus seems to have nowhere to go.  Sheamus could actually be very compelling as a heel again, but the WWE is full of heels right now.  And SmackDown needs a face.  

Unfortunately for Sheamus, that face has come to be Alberto Del Rio, who gets as big of a pop from the crowd as Sheamus but is a fresher character as a newer face.  Sheamus just can't catch a break.  

As strange as it sounds, the SmackDown roster is filled with championship contenders, and Sheamus, without a character overhaul, seems like he's not going to be in the title hunt for the time being.  

That said, he's definitely going to have another world title run in the future.  WWE has invested too much in him to simply let him fall by the wayside.  But it won't be anytime soon.  Not with the way things are going for him.   

When it comes to Sheamus, right now, he's the odd man out on WWE TV.