A State Full Of Coaches!

Cookie GarrisContributor IApril 23, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 16:  A view of the University of Kentucky hat taken during the Championship game against Mississippi State at the SEC Tournament at the Louisiana Superdome on March 14, 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The University of Kentucky defeated Mississippi State 64-57. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

 If you don't live in Kentucky then you don't have a clue of what my first article is about. Obsessive-compulsive disorder dominates from every barber shop to grocery store. People can say what they want but Louisville basketball is a minority in this state.And EVERYONE is a coach!

 Or so they think. If you want to hear some good radio just tune in to a basketball call in show here. I delivered pizza in my younger years so I got to listen to alot of them. I don't know if other states are like mine but here even a farmer will call in and argue X's and O's with a Kentucky coach.

 And there is nothing like hearing X's and O's discussed in Kentucky's own unique southern accent. Only here will a barber call in a say that Jody(Jody Meeks) or Patrick(Patrick Paterson) should have been played in the game differently.

 I hope John Calipari is ready for this. Your now more well known and important than the governor to many here. Don't be suprised when someone calls in and uses your first name and not coach Calipari. That's just Kentucky.

 Obsessed, yes. But right or wrong people in Kentucky do know basketball. They recognize good, bad, and mediocre players. Our biggest fault is that we need to just sit back and enjoy the game. Let the coaches do the coaching!