Zack Ryder Brings Back Z! True Long Island Story and Then Ends It Again

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 20, 2013

Before anyone gets their hopes up, the odds of a full return for Z! True Long Island Story seem slim, but Zack Ryder might still get some life out of the concept.

Ryder posted a video on YouTube and the Tweeted out the following message:

Ryder started the show like usual, but then he dropped his Internet title, asked himself what he was doing and then he threw his headband with fake hair at the camera.

The misleading Tweet is sure to make some fans of his first 100 episodes get excited, but as soon as you watch the video, you know it's not a real return.

The first thing to be noted is that the video is on his old YouTube channel and not the WWE channel, which could indicate that WWE had nothing to do with this video.

So, what does the video mean?

It could mean that Ryder is tired of fans begging him for the same old thing time after time. It could mean that Ryder is frustrated with WWE.

Or it could mean nothing. Maybe this was just Ryder having a little bit of fun with the Internet.

Ryder has been on a downward slope in WWE ever since the end of the John Cena/Eve storyline, and this video might be the start of something bigger.


The way Ryder rose to popularity at first was somewhat unheard of in wrestling. He used his Twitter account as well as his YouTube show to get himself over.

Using sources outside the WWE might have helped usher in this new revolution of social media in WWE, but it also may have worked against him as much as it did for him.

His original YouTube show on his own channel featured Ryder making in-jokes about WWE, but when it was moved to the WWE channel it was watered down and eventually stopped altogether.

At one time you would see Ryder signs and shirts all throughout WWE crowds, but ever since his de-push it has been a different story.

He has been used mostly to get other people over in recent months, despite still getting very positive responses from the crowd.

Some might think this video indicates the beginning of a heel turn, but let's wait and see what happens before jumping to conclusion.

The video is certainly going to make people wonder if there is a meaning behind it.

Do you think Ryder is trying to send a message?


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