Kansas City Royals Have to Be Concerned About Mike Moustakas

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IApril 21, 2013

Moustakas has had a rough start to the season.
Moustakas has had a rough start to the season.USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have gotten off to a surprisingly good start to the 2013 season, as they currently sit in first place in the AL Central with a 9-8 record. 

What makes it even more surprising is that the Royals are getting little-to-no production from a couple of key contributors, first baseman Eric Hosmer and especially third baseman Mike Moustakas.

Moustakas is currently the least-productive everyday third baseman in the American League, something that the Royals cannot afford to have continue for much longer. In the 13 games that he has played this year, he has knocked in only one run with a .163 batting average going into today's first contest against the Boston Red Sox.

The Royals have certainly been expecting more from the 24-year-old Moustakas, a player who was once the second-overall pick of the 2007 draft. That is the type of player who needs to become a cornerstone of your franchise, not a player who is struggling in his third season in the majors. 

Last season, Moustakas showed some promise, with 20 home runs and 73 runs batted in. But there were also many causes for alarm, with only 39 walks against a 124 strikeouts and a lowly .296 OBP in 149 games. 

Given the regression of Hosmer last year, when his batting average dropped 61 points, the Royals should consider themselves extremely fortunate to be handling this early season slump by the two young future stars of the organization.

It remains to be seen how patient the Royals and manager Ed Yost will continue to be, given the increased expectations in Kansas City this season. 

Would the Royals take the drastic step of sending Moustakas down to the minors to restore his confidence and get him back on track? Would the team acquire a veteran infielder to platoon with Moustakas until he gets back on track?

These are questions that general manager Dayton Moore needs to be asking. 

Moustakas hit 36 home runs in 2010 between two different levels of the minor leagues. He has a career .282 batting average in the minors, some 37 points higher than his major league career average. 

The Royals obviously have been expecting more from Moustakas, who has yet to deliver on all of the promise that he showed in the minor leagues.

At some point soon, the Royals will need to start getting some production from Moustakas.


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