Fandango's Unexpected 15 Minutes of Fame in WWE

Hector DiazAnalyst IApril 22, 2013

Fandango makes his WWE debut at WrestleMania (image via
Fandango makes his WWE debut at WrestleMania (image via

Sing it, folks!

Fandango's popularity has undoubtedly been the most surprising result of this year's WrestleMania. Rather than gradually integrating him into the rotation of WWE Superstars, creative decided to push him in their biggest stage of the year—WrestleMania—against Chris Jericho.

This was the perfect David vs. Goliath situation for Fandango, which made the match inherently one-sided as it was announced. A win over rookie Fandango would prove nothing for a legendary Superstar like Chris Jericho, which is why a Fandango upset at WrestleMania was as certain as a Randy Orton RKO out of nowhere.

Part of creating a successful Superstar in WWE is the way in which creative implement the new persona, but arguably a more important factor is how the fans react to it. With the disappointing WrestleMania results still looming and with a slew of international fans at Monday's Raw, the stars aligned for something unexpected.

Last year, it was Daniel Bryan's 18-second World Heavyweight Championship match loss that consequently created an explosion of "yes, yes, yes" chants that have followed him ever since. The momentum created by the post-WrestleMania crowd just goes to show the true power of the fans in attendance.

It was Fandango's turn this year to glean the momentum from the anticlimactic WrestleMania. The fans, for whatever reason, sided with the heel Fandango and began chanting his theme song in unison at the following Raw. The roaring crowd was reminiscent of something out of a European soccer match.

The Fandango Revolution was born.

The electricity surrounding that episode of Raw truly needed to be seen to be believed. Fans continued to chant Fandango's theme throughout the show, even after the ballroom Superstar made his exit.

WWE is now aware of the Fandango Revolution thanks to the power of voting with your dollar and is subsequently molding it, taking credit for the momentum by showing videos packages on WWE programming. But in reality, the fans truly deserve the credit for creating this buzz among not only wrestling fans but also the general audience.

WWE has not been part of the larger scheme of pop culture ever since the Attitude Era, so creating such excitement will not be taken for granted by WWE.

This Monday's Raw will be held in London, which means the audience will be rowdier than the typical American audience, which can often be admittedly disappointing. Whether the crowd chants the Fandango theme like the New Jersey post-WrestleMania fans remains to be seen, but the odds are very good.

Now, are you ready to sing along to the Fandango Revolution?


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