Mayweather vs. Guerrero: Pretty Boy's Experience Will Be Too Much for Challenger

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IApril 22, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 17: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. works out at the Mayweather Boxing Club on April 17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. will fight Robert Guerrero for the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 4, 2013.  (Photo by Bryan Haraway/Getty Images)
Bryan Haraway/Getty Images

Robert Guerrero has earned an opportunity to fight one of this generation's greatest boxers, but it will all add up to a 44th straight victory for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While Guerrero is coming off a spectacular victory over Andre Berto via unanimous decision, Mayweather not only has the skill set to topple the 30-year-old, but the experience as well.

More and more people are casting doubts on Mayweather's longevity as the 36-year-old ages, especially after the challenge put forth by Miguel Cotto and Cotto's ensuing defeat to Austin Trout. Guerrero has made such claims—he's said that Mayweather can't hide the fact he's getting older.

Aging or not, Mayweather figures to defeat "The Ghost" on his experience alone.

Beating Berto is one thing, but Mayweather has faced a few legends in his time, and done rather well. He's mostly been a defensive-minded counter-puncher throughout his career, but he showed against Cotto that he could be aggressive if the fight called for it. While he has been able to adjust to several different styles from his opponent, his opposition has never been able to adjust to his style.

When you are an unorthodox fighter like Mayweather, who bobs and weaves and uses odd angles to confuse his opponents, it's much easier to gain an advantage over your competitors over time. While Mayweather can get a relative feel for his opponents' tendencies in due time, it's much more difficult for opponents to do the same to him.

Guerrero recently noted the fight tape of Mayweather vs. Cotto, as if that's going to lead to an upset. But that's rubbish. You don't truly understand what makes Mayweather so difficult to box until you step into the ring with him. And it takes most fighters until the later rounds to even form a decent strategy against the boxing great.

Cotto's loss to Trout in December doesn't make Mayweather's victory over the Puerto Rican any less impressive. In the fight against Cotto, Mayweather drew upon his experience to emerge victorious in a different way than he's accustomed to. That actually proves him to be even more dangerous.

Guerrero is a worthy challenger for Money May, but the challenger will soon realize what has stumped so many before him: Mayweather is a masterful student of the sport.

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