The Rock Says WrestleMania 29 Match with John Cena May Have Been His Last

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIApril 22, 2013


As we know, The Rock suffered some severe damage to his abdominal area during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

There have been rumblings that Rock vs. Cena II may have been the last time we see The Great One in the squared circle (per Raj Giri of, and recent comments from The Rock add some weight to those rumors.

Speaking to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, The Brahma Bull was asked if WrestleMania 29 was his last match, to which he replied:

Possibly, to be honest with you. The goal three years ago was I sat down with Vince McMahon and strategized about it; about three WrestleMania’s back-to-back...I committed myself to the company and I was very proud of that moment. It didn’t matter if I lost or I did the job, but it was an honor to do the honors. There is no better way to give back...then by doing the honors.

Rock revealing that the original plan was three WrestleMania’s brings up questions about the rumored plans for him to enter a future program with Brock Lesnar.

According to The Rock, there were indeed plans for a feud between the two:

The original plan was possibly Brock and myself. That was the next thing that made sense to me because I love Brock, we’ve been friends for over a decade now and we can have a great athletic match. But then I had torn my two tendons on my pelvis and I had to fly home that day, and we couldn’t do what we wanted to do on Raw that day. So...possibly, possibly with Brock down the road.

While the comments are far from a confirmation that he will never wrestle again, this isn’t good news for Rock fans.

With his abdominal injuries possibly adding complications to his shooting of Hercules, it’s not surprising that The Rock would leave wrestling to avoid hurting his Hollywood career.

And, for the record, he has every right to. Fans complained, with some justification, that he abandoned us several years ago for Hollywood.

The Great One’s recent stint with the company proves he still loves the business and its fans, but when injuries get in the way of acting, he can’t be blamed for sacrificing an old love for a new one.

But as the saying goes, never say never. Maybe we’ll get Brock vs. Rock II somewhere down the line.

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