Mike Tyson Sees Chronic Biter Luis Suarez Working, Now Follows Him on Twitter

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 22, 2013

Mike Tyson now rewards random acts of biting with a Twitter follow, because sometimes the Internet makes perfect sense.

As Deadspin noticed, Tyson recently extended a virtual pat on the head to another athlete known to bust out the chompers amid a tough moment in athletic competition: Luis Suarez.

As you can see, Tyson just started following the Liverpool star, which comes on the heels of the striker biting the arm of Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic Sunday.

The fact that Tyson also follows Harry Reid has me checking Twitter to find out who the senator bit, because that seems to be the way one gets a follow from the former heavyweight boxer.

As Deadspin notes, Suarez served a seven-game suspension back in 2010 for biting Otman Bakkal. Not one to learn a lesson, Suarez went back to biting in a tough match this weekend.

The incident will no doubt draw yet another round of suspensions for the footballer, but it officially got him something only afforded to 430 other people in the world: a follow from America's favorite madman turned movie star.

Back in 1997, Tyson felt he hadn't loaded up enough on craft services before a fight with Evander Holyfield and decided to get a quick bite at Cafe Holyfield's, which he thought meant having a special on ears.

Remarkably, the fight wasn't called after Tyson bit Holyfield the first time. It took one more nibble from the boxer before referee Mills Lane figured he'd better call the whole thing before we lost more of the boxer than we already had.

While the world vilifies Suarez for grabbing a snack during a match, he can look forward to a bright future if he wants one.

Tyson went from crazy athlete to beloved actor. The villain somehow became a cuddly character, starring in movies and his own one-man show.

A Daily Mail report touched upon just that, as well as the chance meeting between Tyson and Holyfield back in February. At that time, the former boxers shared a hug with absolutely no loss of earlobes reported.

So there is hope for Suarez to one day skirt his apparent need to bite opposing players. Still, I would suggest keeping all limbs away from Suarez's mouth at the moment.

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