Manase Foketi Scouting Report: NFL Outlook for West Texas A&M OT

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IApril 24, 2013

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Don't let the Division II designation fool you; Manase Foketi has the talent to be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft. Considering he was a solid starter at left tackle for the Kansas State Wildcats in 2011, this shouldn't be that surprising. 



He's nasty. Fire up the tape and you'll see just how much Foketi loves to mix it up in the trenches. He's also ridiculously large, is a deceptively good athlete and has all the tools you'd want at the next level.



Don't worry about the competition factor. We saw him hold his own at KSU. However, that doesn't mean the jump from Division II to the NFL will be easier. 

Injuries are also a concern. The torn Achilles in 2011 and a leg injury at the Shrine Game raise a daunting red flag. 

Lastly, while I said he is a better athlete than you would imagine, it's going to be a battle to stick as a NFL tackle. He'll likely have to slide in where his good-but-not-great foot speed won't get him in trouble. 



Some will point to his transfer attempt as some sort of moral deficiency. Instead of caving to Kansas State, which denied his simple request, Foketi transferred to a Division II school so he could play out his final year of eligibility in a situation where he felt comfortable. That shows conviction, not weakness. 



Foketi has it all in terms of physical stats. He stands 6'5", weighs 318 pounds and has 34.5" arms with 10.625" hands. 


Pass Blocking

He has a quick first step into his kick-slide that allows him to use his long arms to keep pass-rushers at bay. However, as mentioned above, it seems unlikely that he will be able to keep pace with the Jason Pierre-Pauls of the NFL. 


Run Blocking

Foketi has that nasty streak that translates so well into the running game. He doesn't just lean his massive frame on defenders, but attacks them with the intent to demoralize. 


Use of Hands/Technique

Foketi uses his long arms to frustrate defenders. They can't get to him to set up a power move and they can't get around him. When run blocking, he has real power from his stocky body that supports his arms.



He has been a left tackle most of his life, starting at Mt. San Antonio College, then at KSU, and finally at West Texas A&M.


Future Role

Foketi is most likely a utility man at the next level. He'll be more effective at guard, but could play tackle in a pinch. He'll likely provide depth for a power-blocking scheme team.


Team/Round Fit

St. Louis Rams (7.222)

Pittsburgh Steelers (7.223)

Detroit Lions (7.245)

Miami Dolphins (7.250)

San Francisco 49ers (7.252)