Tony Siragusa Is Here to Fight Light-Bladder Leakage with Dandy Adult Diapers

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 22, 2013

Sometimes life can be a real pisser, but Tony Siragusa is here to get you through some of the more embarrassing parts. 

Advertising Age (h/t Business Insider) reports Siragusa, former NFL player and current Fox Sports analyst and host of Man Caves on DIY Network, will be the face of new Depend Shields and Guards, specifically designed for men who cannot hold their tinkle. 

Here is a link to the video, where you will find Siragusa proving you can market just about anything if you have the time and a former NFL player hanging around. 

Now, if we can put our adult hats on for just a second, the report does point out that this is a very real problem for men in a certain demographic. 

It's unfortunate that light-bladder leakage has never been addressed until now. 

It's the first time the Kimberly-Clark Corp. brand has used media advertising to highlight light bladder leakage for men, something the company says afflicts 23 million -- including one in five men over 60 -- a phenomenon far less discussed publicly than the same problem for women.

Awesome—now I have this to look forward to in life. Good deal. 

Speaking of women, the report states Whoopi Goldberg featured in a similar campaign three years ago. Because your day is incomplete until the phrases "spritz" and "leaking" get bandied about, we offer you that commercial below. 

In this case, Siragusa is not proclaiming that he is having a far more eventful time below the belt than he should. But some men do, and by golly, he is here to help. 

The ad also makes reference to the site,, where those interested can get "quizzes with tips and links to chat online, get free samples or order from retailer sites."

All of this is to help men who need a little extra protection. Depend is here to make a slight mishap that would normally warrant a "What's up with that stain, Bob?" question a thing of the past. 

Now if you find yourself uncertain about your bladder and your ability to get through 18 rounds without becoming a human sprinkler, go out and get some Depend guards. Tell them Tony sent ya!

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