WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Can Kaitlyn and AJ Lee Save the Divas Division?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 24, 2013


I am not usually excited about the prospect of a women's wrestling match, but I must say the idea of seeing Kaitlyn and AJ finally getting in the ring at Extreme Rules could actually be a good match.

At least, it looks like it could be in the early stages of buildup by the WWE.

Don't get me wrong, this is still a match that has "potential" and is not a Trish and Lita kind of thing. It will never be that kind of a match. But for the first time since we saw Beth Phoenix and Tamina a year ago in the ring, this match could be the one that helps get some of the footing back for the divas of the WWE.

Again, it is not a savior of any sort—there is plenty of work that is still needed to build the Divas back up to a formidable division, one where we tune in to see wrestling, not just eye candy.

But the eye candy does help.

If this is done right (are you listening, wonderful creative team of the WWE?), this is a rivalry that can have mileage like Lita and Trish. These two ladies are arguably the best in the company right now and can actually wrestle. We aren't watching the Funkadactyls or The Bella Twins or something like that.

We aren't dealing with issues like too much partying while on tour like Rosa Mendes or trying to determine if someone like Tamina should be the face of the division (in my estimation, she should be). Right now, there is a cast of unruly characters who should have been given more direction and have not for one reason or another.

Shame on you, WWE.

When we saw the boot to the face by Tamina (Monday night) and AJ Lee fell like a sack of potatoes, we all knew what was coming. It was inevitable. A little too obvious, but it was inevitable. The WWE makes no bones about stating the obvious these days. 

The company has done a decent job of trying to reformulate a staggering tag team division. It took forever, but the teams on television are actually better than before. The same can happen for the Divas as well. This is never going to be a situation where the Divas will be a draw like they were even five years ago, but hopefully a match like this could make things a little better for wrestling as a whole.

And with a rivalry that was once based on friendship, this is the perfect way to show a creative side that is not totally consumed by machismo. Just like Kaitlyn said Monday night, this is a match both ladies have been waiting for.