Will Its First Loss Tarnish the Reputation of the Shield?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

With perhaps their biggest win to date now in the record books, the three upstart superstars known as The Shield have officially made their presence felt by the WWE Universe.

Yes, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have looked very intimidating, and with a victory over the Undertaker, their legacy has perhaps changed forever.

Sure, it was in a six-man tag team match. And no, the Shield did not actually pin the aforementioned Undertaker. But a win is a win, and for weeks to come, WWE announcers will milk the fact that the Shield now holds a victory over the Deadman.

There had to be some doubt about whether or not it would be able to do it, though. It is around WrestleMania time, and nearly everyone knows that that time essentially gives the company free reign to make the Undertaker completely unbeatable. With his streak now at 21-0, and no signs of working a full-time schedule, it looks as if he will remain on track to continue his domination.

Plus, it stands to reason that eventually, the Shield will have to take a defeat. No one can continue to win every match forever. But to defeat one of the most unstoppable forces at this time of year was nothing short of a shock.

It is a force, that is a certainty. But what is the true indication of its overall potential? It might just be in the weekly attacks that it has perpetrated on various members of the WWE roster.

Yes, it has a vicious and brutal gang attack style. But that translate to its in-ring contests as well. The trio keeps its opponents isolated in the enemy corner and makes frequent tags to keep a fresh man on the offensive. It worked for a majority of the match before the hot tag was finally made to the Undertaker, who essentially cleaned house.

But all things come to an end, and the Deadman soon found himself on the losing end of things when Daniel Bryan missed a top rope headbutt attempt and was pinned by Ambrose.

And unfortunately for the WWE roster, each member of the group is capable of complete domination on his own.

Reigns is a powerhouse unlike any that has been seen of late. While superstars like Ryback and Mark Henry win their matches through power and brutality, Reigns adds incredible speed for a man of his size to the equation. Any man that is capable of power-bombing the Big Show (albeit with some assistance), is automatically a huge danger to anyone that he comes in contact with.

Rollins can essentially do it all. We have seen him come off the top rope with lethal knee drops and do heavy damage with his striking ability. Anyone who saw him compete on the independents as Tyler Black will also attest that his offense is innovative and exciting to watch. He is touted as a future World champion. Proof of his ability is evident by the fact that he was the first ever NXT champion.

Ambrose is the wild card, though. And he also may be the ace up the group's sleeve. Formerly one of the most respected and sought after competitors on the independent scene, Ambrose is a hybrid of every style that a wrestler can incorporate. He can occasionally by a high flyer. His striking is incredible. His move set is innovative. His submission work is perhaps bested only by Bryans'. In the long term, he looks to be the member of this group that will undoubtedly have the most success as a singles competitor.

But for now, would a loss tarnish its reputation?

Frankly, it all depends on whom that loss comes at the hand of. If it were a team like the Undertaker and Team Hell No, probably not. They are all solid (or legendary) competitors that are capable of ending the Shield's dominant run without destroying all of its credibility.

If it is someone like John Cena, who seemingly ends every threat that is put in front of him, then the answer is not as clear. Cena is seen as a superhero type. Even Ryback has called him Super Cena of late. Cena is the modern-day Hulk Hogan, put in place to repel all danger. And though he may falter, as he has against the Shield in the past, in the end, he will likely be the one to end its reign of justice.

But by that point, will the trio already have made too much of an impact to just roll over and die? Will it leave a scar upon the face of the company that can never fade?

If its past and present are any indication, the Shield is here to stay, whether it eventually slips up or not.