Twitter Reaction to Daniel Bryan's Diagrams on WWE Raw

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 23, 2013

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The big stories from Monday's WWE Raw were The Shield remaining undefeated and Ryback and John Cena's continued rivalry, but the buzzword of the night was "diagrams."

In preparation for his big match with The Undertaker and Kane against The Shield, Daniel Bryan desperately wanted to talk strategy. After all, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had yet to be beaten and had already pinned Bryan at TLC 2012.

In his mind, taking on The Shield required major prep work.

Backstage, Undertaker was nowhere to be seen. An agitated Bryan complained to his partner Kane. With no way to reach The Deadman, Bryan couldn't go over the diagrams he had prepared with his teammates.

Seeing Bryan with a stack of papers in his hand right before battle isn't something WWE fans have seen a bunch before.

A steel chair, a sledgehammer or a dented Money in the Bank briefcase are all common sights in a wrestler's grip. Diagrams and paperwork aren't as common.

As the Twitter account for pointed out, Bryan looked more ready for classroom than for the wrestling ring.

The short, hilarious segment got people talking on Twitter.

Not only was Bryan's outburst was one of the funnier moments of the night, there was a bit of intrigue surrounding what those diagrams were all about.

One has to imagine that they probably included a lot of doodles of Bryan kicking people in the chest. There was also probably a drawn line from the top turnbuckle to the ring representing Bryan's diving headbutt.

Some fans took it upon themselves to create their own versions of what The World's Toughest Vegan's diagrams looked like. Wrestling Memes revealed this proposed version of Bryan's tactics.

This fan shared an alternate version where Undertaker is not amused and he apparently has removed all of his tattoos.

The thrilling match saw Bryan and Rollins display amazing chemistry, Undertaker strike with precision and The Shield come away with the huge victory.

One can blame Kane, Undertaker and Bryan's loss on many things.

The Shield's cohesiveness was difficult to overcome. Undertaker may not have been completely healthy. A lot of fans, though, have another theory for why the good guys lost.

Undertaker never got a chance to look at the diagrams.

Kony Chimel, among others, noted the diagrams' importance to the outcome.

If Kane and Bryan have to face two members of The Shield at Extreme Rules, one can be sure that Bryan will make damn sure his diagrams get looked over. Bryan knows better than most that victory loves preparation.