WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for April 26

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IApril 23, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

After an enthralling episode of RAW on Monday night, London will be hoping to put on an similarly fantastic WWE SmackDown.

The weekly Friday show has been fairly disappointing as of late, but with the company attempting to broaden its international popularity, the hope is that this week's show will be different.

Let's see if the results from across the pond had any deviance from the norm during Tuesday's tapings. 

Note: Results courtesy of WrestlingInc.com and Simon Raskin via Twitter.


Jack Swagger Defeats Alberto Del Rio in a No Disqualifications Match

To get the show started, we were given a nice little twist on a match that is starting to get slightly stale, and it didn't disappoint. 

The 12-minute battle featured kendo sticks, ladders, chairs, manager involvement and an enthused, involved English crowd. It came to an end when Swagger landed the gutwrench powerbomb after hitting Del Rio with a ladder.

While the result wouldn't have been surprising either way, it's good to see these two title contenders put in a situation to get the crowd excited. 


Layla Defeats Aksana

Ho-hum. Layla picked up the win via pinfall, but this was a match that didn't invoke much reaction from the crowd. Shocking. 


The Shield Promo

On the video screen, The Shield bragged about its victory in the six-man match against Team Hell No and The Undertaker before Dean Ambrose revealed that he would take on The Deadman one-on-one in his debut singles match.

Oh me, oh my. 


Fandango Defeats Justin Gabriel

The newcomer was able to score the quick win after landing a leg drop for the pin, but you're probably wondering more about the crowd involvement.

Once again, it was overwhelming, as Fandango had the fans chanting his name and Fandangoing in the stands, earning himself another pop. 


The Big Show Defeats Sheamus

In a match that garnered "Big Show sucks" and "boring" chants from the crowd, The World's Largest Athlete was able to beat Sheamus when Mark Henry appeared from the stands and distracted the latter. 

Although the crowd seemed disinterested, it's worth noting that it got excited every time Sheamus gained control. 


Wade Barrett Defeats William Regal

In a battle of two hometown heroes—both of whom unsurprisingly received major cheers from the crowd—Barrett knocked off Regal fairly quickly. 

Barrett has been seriously lacking direction lately, and hopefully this win will serve as the start of a push as we near Extreme Rules.  


Mark Henry Defeats Randy Orton via DQ

Returning the favor from earlier in the night—and giving the crowd the move it wanted to see—Sheamus ran out and rocked Henry with a Brogue Kick to the end match. It's becoming more apparent by the week that these two are headed for a battle at Extreme Rules. 

Not to be outdone, Orton hit the World's Strongest Man with an RKO, sending the crowd into an eruption. 


The Undertaker Defeats Dean Ambrose

This isn't a shocking result, as a win over 'Taker in his debut match would have vaulted Ambrose and The Shield to an touchable level.

Nevertheless, there was entertaining action and the crowd was extremely hot. 

'Taker was able to win after landing the Chokeslam and subsequently locking in Hell's Gate to force Ambrose to tap. Afterward, The Shield ran to ring and demolished The Undertaker with chair shots and a triple powerbomb through the announcer's table. 

It seemed like that was the end, but the New Age Outlaws' music hit and the duo entered with Triple-H to a massive pop.

DX then made quick work of The Shield and helped 'Taker to the back.

Naturally, Fandango came out to end the show.