Is the WWE Teasing a Feud Between Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston?

Shane Darrow@@Pilsbury_BroBoyAnalyst IIApril 23, 2013

Monday Night Raw took place in London, England this past Monday, and one of the main highlights of the night was all three members of Team Ziggler picking up victories in the ring.

The World Heavyweight Champion landed a Zig Zag on Chris Jericho, with the help of a distraction from Faaaannnnddaaannngoooo, which led to a pinfall victory. Big E Langston squashed Zack Ryder (disappointing those who were anticipating a heel turn from the Long Island Iced Z), and AJ won the Divas Royal Rumble to become the No. 1 contender in the Divas division.

It wouldn't be a surprise if all three members of Team Ziggler end up with titles as soon as WWE Payback in June. It's expected for Ziggler to retain the WHC at Extreme Rules, AJ might be the only Diva in the WWE that can spark some interest in that division and with no real storylines going on for either mid-card title, Big E could easily step into the title picture for either the Intercontinental Title or United States Championship.

But where does the creative team go from there? Well, the WWE may have teased a future feud between Ziggler and Big E during this past Raw.

Just before Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox told The Showoff that if he was defeated by Jericho his title match at Extreme Rules would become a Fatal 4-Way instead of a Triple Threat match, there was an awkward moment.

As Ziggy and AJ gawked over his World Title, Ziggler snipped at someone off camera. The camera panned over to Big E, who was standing there in his typical tough guy stance with his arms folded. He then ordered Big E to leave because it was "Dolph and AJ time." Without saying a word, Langston darted Ziggler a frustrated look before walking away.


Maybe this meant nothing, but why would they include this little segment if they weren't trying to foreshadow something? Why not have the segment start with Dolph and AJ being approached by Vickie and Maddox?

Big E would interfere multiple times in Ziggler's match against Y2J later in the night, helping the Showoff win the match and even helped drag him backstage on his shoulder. This confirmed that there is still much more to be done at this point for Langston to turn on Ziggler.

What surprised me was that when Big E later faced Zack Ryder, he came to the ring on his own—something that didn't happen in his first match on Raw when he defeated Daniel Bryan. The fact that he finally has his own theme song and an entrance that complements his power lifter gimmick means that the WWE is trying to get him over as an individual wrestler.

So how would this feud begin?

If Team Ziggler walks into SummerSlam each holding a title. There's a possibility that Big E could lose his strap while Ziggler and AJ are ringside and fail to help him win the match because of their PDA or some other distraction. Later, when Ziggler defends the World Heavyweight Championship, Big E could have a perfect moment to interfere but refuse to do so, causing Dolph to also lose his belt.

On the next Raw, Ziggler would go nuts on Langston and blame him entirely for the loss. Big E could then finally stand up to The Showoff and tell him the only reason why he even had the title in the first place was because of him.

Remember, Big E came onto the team as a friend of AJ and had no prior relationship with Ziggler. Langston only gained his respect through constantly interfering and helping him through his push to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on the Raw after WrestleMania.

A title doesn't need to be in the middle of these two for them to have an effective and entertaining feud. And Ziggler would help Langston get over and possibly push him toward a World Heavyweight Championship of his own.

There are many ways this feud could happen, but it would be even more interesting if Team Hell No were to have their demise also happen at Summerslam, which would ignite the long-awaited feud between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Regardless, I believe WWE fans would enjoy seeing an eventual feud between Big E and Ziggler, and last Monday's Raw may have been the beginning of just that.