LeBron James Ditches Cell Phone and Twitter to Enter Playoff Mode

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2013

LeBron James won't be returning any of your calls, texts or tweets anytime soon. He's in playoff mode.

Per Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida, James is in the middle of a postseason blackout and won't be answering his cell phone, going on Twitter or watching any NBA-related television.

How serious is he? Serious enough that he won't be phoning Mike Brown to congratulate him on his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To be fair, I'm not sure LeBron would have called him anyway. Depending on who or what you believe, Brown and "The Chosen One" either aren't on the best of terms or are totally fine.

The real story here is LeBron depriving himself of nearly all forms of communication. I assume he still keeps in touch with his family, but he appears to be isolating himself from the rest of the outside world, which seems a bit extreme.

Sorry, did I say extreme? Because I meant incredibly effective.

Through his first two playoff games, LeBron has averaged 23 points, nine rebounds and seven assists while shooting 60 percent from the floor. He hit on just 20 percent of his three-point attempts (though he took just five total) and coughed up the ball 4.5 times per night, but perhaps that's just an attempt to not embarrass the Milwaukee Bucks too much.

This really shouldn't come as any surprise, either. LeBron has been all business for the entire year. It makes sense that he would take his focus to a whole new level with a second championship ring on the line. 

I'm personally left wondering how far this technological cold turkey extends. Does it include email? The Internet in general? Will he wear disguises when he goes out in public? Is he even allowed out of his room? Is Kevin Durant upset that this essentially means LeBron isn't checking his box score after every game, too?

Whatever LeBron's method is, it seems to be working. He's locked in and the Miami Heat are cruising toward a first-round victory. 

Please don't take it personally when LeBron doesn't reciprocate any love or hate you send his way via social media—or, if you somehow managed to stalk him long enough, through text. It's not that he doesn't like you, he's just in playoff mode.

And if all goes according to plan, he'll be able to get back to you sometime in mid-June.