The Shield's Dominant WWE Run Is Leading to Something Big

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2013

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The Shield conquered yet another WWE Superstar on this past Monday Night Raw, when they defeated The Undertaker in a six-man tag match. Though The Deadman was joined by his half-brother Kane and Daniel Bryan, the fact is that a true legend in the industry was not able to defeat the menacing trio of stars from NXT.  The question is, where is this storyline ultimately going?

I don’t think anyone really believed that Undertaker would decimate The Shield on Monday night and leave them for dead, as he has done to so many others in the past.  After all, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins work very cohesively as a unit, and have withstood every effort to destroy them so far.

But, this is The Undertaker we’re talking about here, The Phenom.  For him to endorse The Shield on TV is a huge statement, especially considering his less than part-time status.  The bottom line here is that for a legendary made man like Undertaker to lay hands on a younger Superstar in a televised main-event worthy match, is more than just a big deal.

It’s an event.  And it could be the sign of things to come.

From the moment that The Shield invaded WWE back in November 2012, fans all over the world have been praising the storyline and hailing the three of them as the future of the company.  Dean Ambrose in particular has been one of those guys who has always impressed fans as having a world of potential, needing only the right opportunity and the right vehicle to showcase his talents.

Care to take her for a test spin, Mr. Ambrose?

Ambrose found what he needed and thus far has not disappointed.  He is very comfortable in his role, as are both Reigns and Rollins, so much that any initial doubts or concerns that some fans possibly could have had in the beginning have virtually disappeared.

So, now we’re left with my opening query.  Where is all of this going?


The Shield has took down Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Big Show, The Rock, John Cena and of course Ryback, on numerous occasions.  

And now Undertaker has been added to that list.  

According to, on the upcoming edition of Friday Night SmackDown, The Deadman faces off against Dean Ambrose in a one-on-one match...a match that Ambrose loses.  

While it’s important to note that as a collective The Shield have yet to taste defeat, Undertaker was able to overcome the man who is the group’s unofficial leader.

That should have been the headline of the night, but after the match ended, The Shield regrouped and physically dismantled The Phenom, powerbombing him through the ringside table.

Can you say wow?

This storyline has reached an all-new level, and after having wrecked so many big names, including The Undertaker, there is one simple truth that we as fans cannot deny.

We are witnessing history.

The first argument against that assertion is The Nexus, another heel faction who ran over everyone in their path, terrorizing WWE for several months before John Cena broke the original group apart.

They made history, but then became history.  Their hostile takeover of WWE, a strategy to gain contracts, lasted only as long as it needed to, and when the time was right, the stable was fed to Cena, who ended them.

But the fact is that The Shield are different.  There is no obvious leader, as The Nexus had with Wade Barrett.  They have not targeted any championship gold, though two of them will likely work Team Hell No at Extreme Rules for the tag team titles.

And more importantly, they have not focused solely on John Cena.  There has been no indication that Cena is going to fully set his sights on them and until he does, there is no reason to believe that The Shield will be ending anytime soon.

This angle began as The Nexus Version 2, a way for three up-and-coming WWE Superstars to get on TV and establish themselves in front of the fans.  The Shield was just going to roll along until the time was right to split them apart and then see what could be done with the members on an individual basis.

But again, look at their hit list.  And look at the man who just joined it.  

The Shield, in my belief, are moving toward something very big.  Perhaps it will be Kane and Daniel Bryan’s tag belts.  Perhaps it will be Kofi Kingston’s United States Title.  Or, maybe Cena’s WWE Title will eventually come into play.

Whatever the ultimate goal, The Shield have come further than some possibly could have ever expected.  They are riding high.  And I for one cannot wait to see what happens next.

Do you believe in The Shield?