Madden 25: Projecting Ratings for Cover Athlete Barry Sanders

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 25, 2013

image from EA Sports
image from EA Sports

Barry Sanders won the cover vote for Madden 25, but don't expect to see his in-game ratings hit 99 across the board.

Madden ratings czar Donny Moore has overseen the effort to make the ratings as realistic as possible, and giving the Detroit Lions' great a 99 in throwing power just wouldn't be consistent with that.

In fact, those that have used Sanders as a part of the Canton Greats All-Star squad, the Ultimate Team or Connected Careers modes in Madden 13 shouldn't expect any sweeping changes.

It isn't as if Sanders has played any real-life games that would alter his statistics.

He has a 99 overall rating in Madden 13 with a 97 speed rating. He has a rating of 99 in acceleration, agility, elusiveness, awareness, vision, jukes, stamina and injury resistance.

Sanders actually has a perfect 100 rating in the spin move category.

In the other running back-relevant categories, Sanders' ratings aren't through the roof. Here is a run down: pass blocking (55), jumping (75), spectacular catch (66), catch in traffic (75), route running (72), catching (73), carrying (93), stiff arm (90), trucking (75), and strength (82).

This is a video from EA Sports with Community Manager Andrew Johnson revealing Sanders' Madden 13 ratings with the man himself:

If you had the privilege of watching Sanders play, you know those ratings are pretty solid for the most part. His receiving ratings may be a little too high, though.

He only averaged 2.3 receptions per game in his NFL career, but the bump up is likely just about honoring a legend.

The Cyber Sanders in Madden 25 will probably have the exact same, or at least very similar ratings. The freshness in the concept will likely come when we learn all the ways gamers can use him in the new game.

In Madden 13, he was a playable character in the three aforementioned ways, but with Connected Careers evolving into Connected Franchises, there may be more player functionality in store.

Now that the cover vote is done, fans will eagerly await the meat and potatoes of the new game.


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