Tyson Kidd Discusses Injury Return Timeline on WWE Hangout

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Of the 45 minutes that was the inaugural WWE Hangout, one question directed at Tyson Kidd is of most interest to WWE fans. When is Kidd going to be back in the ring?

WWE, continually reaching out with various social media outlets, hosted a Google Plus hangout hosted by Howard Finkel. Six fans joined The Fink in discussing current WWE storylines as well as chatting with Kidd.

Kidd, who has been out of action since injuring his knee in January (h/t PWInsider.com via CagesideSeats.com), answered questions from fans on Twitter and from the six-man panel. Finkel started things off by asking the pertinent question regarding his return to action.

Kidd said that after speaking with Dr. James Andrews, he expects to return in "six to nine months" from when he was injured. He added, "In about a year, I'll be 100 percent recovered."

That puts his earliest possible return in June, but more likely sometime in late summer or beyond.

The high-flying star will be a welcome addition to the roster once he's fully recovered. Kidd discussed how well his physical therapy is going and proclaimed, "I plan on making up for lost time."

The fans in the WWE Hangout posed some other intriguing questions, including what it was like to train in the Stu Hart dungeon. Kidd said he was very young when he was there and it's surreal to be a part of the great legacy of that place.

Of the training ground for Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and many others, Kidd said, "Every single part of that dungeon hurt."

Other interesting questions included who Kidd would pick from the Hart Foundation lineage to team up with against The Shield. It's hard to argue with Kidd's choices of Bret Hart and Brian Pillman. That would be a mighty fine match.

Kidd, who had formed an exciting team with Justin Gabriel before getting hurt, also talked about perhaps teaming with Gabriel again and adding Evan Bourne to the mix. It would instantly be a better trio than 3MB—that much is certain.

During the online conversation, Kidd also praised Dolph Ziggler's ability and remarked about Brock Lesnar's size. He said, "If you see him in person, he's just huge."

Should the WWE Hangout concept continue, the company needs to make sure guys like Kidd are involved. Hearing the fans discuss the product was fine, but the addition of a star made it worthwhile viewing. Additionally, Finkel needs to be the permanent host.

The Fink seemed genuinely giddy to be a part of this. He appeared to be having fun the whole time, even Fandangoing at one point.

WWE Hangout's initial run was a success, with the most buzzworthy moment being Kidd's thoughts on his return. Hearing a date as early as June is encouraging. That puts Kidd in line to be a part of the Money in the Bank ladder matches.

Heal quick Kidd; you are missed.