Michael Bowie to Seahawks: How Does the Offensive Tackle Fit with Seattle?

Vincent FrankCorrespondent IApril 27, 2013

Courtesy of Oklahoma State
Courtesy of Oklahoma State

For the third time in the final round, the Seattle Seahawks went to a project offensive lineman to help create competition in training camp this upcoming summer. 

What's incredibly interesting about Michael Bowie is that he was Oklahoma State's starting left tackle heading into the 2012 season before transferring to NE Oklahoma State after an unidentified violation of team rules. The talent is obviously there for Bowie to make an impact in the NFL, but his draft stock plummeted following that incident. 

According to Eric Galko over at Optimum Scouting, Bowie has NFL-level talent:

Our pre-season grades gave Bowie a fourth round grade, meaning we'd feel he's draftable even if you knock him down a grade for his dismissal and after juniors declare. But that can change if Bowie doesn't maximize his chances this year at Northeastern State. Bowie shown thus far in his career mean teams will, at worst, give him an extra look at Northeastern State, and it's up to Bowie to maximize that chance.  

Obviously, Bowie impressed the Seahawks enough to make him a seventh-round pick rather than attempt to sign him as an undrafted free agent. 

Again, it's all about competition when it comes to contending teams selecting this late. Get the highest-upside players to compete with mediocre incumbent talent and see what happens. 

Everything that I am hearing suggests that Bowie is solid in the run game but a major project when it comes to pass protection. Could this signal a move inside? To be honest, I leave that as an open-ended question, because I have no idea at this point. 

He could easily act as competition for both Mike Person outside and the set of rookies Seattle picked up earlier in the day.