New York Jets Should Give Mark Sanchez 1 More Season

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IApril 29, 2013

Sanchez looks to be on his way out of New York.
Sanchez looks to be on his way out of New York.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Instead of getting Mark Sanchez help, they drafted his replacement. It is hard to look at it any other way.

By drafting Geno Smith (via Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News), New York Jets' general manager John Idzik is acknowledging that the end is near for Sanchez, and, indirectly, head coach Rex Ryan.

Drafting Smith was the type of move that the Jets could make if their organization were more stable, but after seeing how the Jets handled the Tim Tebow circus first-hand last season, the Jets decided to up the ante by bringing in Smith along with veteran David Garrard while retaining Sanchez and Tebow.

It is simply a recipe for disaster. Something has to give, and it will mostly likely be Sanchez as reports saying as much surfaced from FoxSports and ESPN's Adam Schefter, but it is not the right move.

If the Jets are trying to get back to the playoffs next season, then Sanchez is the best QB on the roster to take them there. Adding to the defense and rebuilding the offense around Sanchez was the best course of action for the Jets to take.

But now the Jets have Smith and the fans and media will want to see him play. Smith is no sure thing at all. Remember team after team that needed a franchise quarterback this year passed on drafting Smith until he was picked with the 39th overall pick of the NFL draft in the second round.

While Sanchez struggled last season, he was more than capable during his first three seasons in the league. Once the talent around Sanchez started to erode, so did his performance. Like it or not, it isn't any coincidence.

The Jets have had a poorly rated offense the past couple of seasons due to player management, poor drafting and picking the wrong free agents. Having a bad team with salary cap issues is the kiss of death for any NFL team. Simply switching the quarterback won't solve all of those issues for the Jets this season or next

Sanchez was once good enough to take his team to AFC Championship game twice in his first two seasons; now he might be cut before training camp ends, according to Mike Florio at ProFootball Talk. Certainly Sanchez bares some of the blame for his performance and the execution of the offense, but he also has been surrounded by below-average talent, something that hasn't changed much after this year's NFL draft.

The Jets had a solid draft, just one that didn't yield much in the way of skill position players to the roster. Outside of a trade for the New Orleans Saints' Chris Ivory (via ESPN's Rich Cimini), the Jets will likely struggle to score points again next season.

Jeremy Kerley still caught the most balls last season, Stephen Hill had an underwhelming rookie season, Santonio Holmes seems to always be injured or causing problems and Dustin Keller is now with the Miami Dolphins. That receiving corps needed to be addressed and would put any quarterback in a position to struggle.

Two years after being called the Sanchize, Sanchez now looks to be headed out of town.

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