Jacksonville Jaguars Sign Key Undrafted Free Agents

David Nelson@JvilleJaguarsCorrespondent IIIApril 28, 2013

FB Lonnie Pryor has a chance to earn a starting gig in Jacksonville.
FB Lonnie Pryor has a chance to earn a starting gig in Jacksonville.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars celebrated their eight selections for just a minute before general manager David Caldwell took to the phones to try and get some of the key undrafted free agents whom he has alluded to since taking the job.

The most noteworthy pickup was QB Matt Scott from Arizona, which came as a surprise. The Jaguars also signed younger brother to Aaron Rodgers, Jordan.

Along with these two pickups, the Jaguars signed another 21 undrafted free agents including:

FB Lonnie Pryor - Florida State

FB Kyler Reed - Nebraska

WR Jamal Miles - Arizona State

WR Cole McKenzie - Southern Oregon

WR Tabais Palmer - North Carolina State

TE Ryan Otten - San Jose State

G Stephane Milhim - Massachusetts

OT Jeff Nady - Nevada

OT R.J. Dill - Rutgers

OT Roderick Tomlin - Murray Stat

DT T.J. Barnes - Georgia Tech

DT Abry Jones - Georgia


DE/OLB Paul Hazel - Western Michigan 

LB Jeremiah Green - Nevada 

LB LaRoy Reynolds - Virginia

LB Mike Zimmer - Illinois State

LB Maalik Bomar - Cincinnati

CB Trey Wilson - Vanderbilt

CB Marcus Burley - Delaware

S Steven Terrell - Texas A&M

LS Carson Tinker - Alabama

A quick glance indicates that the Jaguars attacked key positions, with key personnel in mind.


Aside from Matt Scott, who will more than likely enter as the Jaguars' third quarterback, there are a few other possible diamonds in the rough in this undrafted class.

FB Lonnie Pryor is a fan favorite around the Florida area and could enter the year as the starting fullback for the Jaguars. The Jaguars would have a different running game with Pryor compared to Greg Jones, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Pryor is about 6' and 225 lbs. He would bring speed to the position as well as some blocking capability.

TE Ryan Otten was surprisingly not selected in the draft. In a position with no depth for the Jags, he could find himself as the second or third tight end on the roster this season. He has a long way to go, but he has the potential.

G Stephane Milhim will need to compete with the likes of Jason Spitz and Austin Pasztor in order to grab a roster spot. It will be an uphill climb for him, but he has a chance to surpass Pasztor as a backup to Uche Nwaneri or Will Rackley. Coming from a small school, Milhim did a wonderful job versus weaker competition, but his skill set gives him a great deal of potential.

DT T.J. Barnes is a very large defensive tackle who could unseat Jeris Pendleton and possibly even D'Anthony Smith in terms of depth. Barnes could bring to Jacksonville what Alan Branch brought to Seattle's defensive line last season and has the best bet out of all the undrafted free-agent DTs on the Jags.

LB Jeremiah Green will battle both Julian Stanford and Brandon Marshall for a backup role at linebacker, but he should be able to beat out one of them. Green is a strong, fast linebacker who will also fill a role in special teams. The battle at linebacker should be fun to watch this year.

Lastly, LS Carson Tinker may have been brought in just to give competition to Jeremy Cain, or the Jags might actually get rid of the longtime Jag. Cain is paid relatively high for a long snapper, and Tinker did a superb job on a superb team in college. Tinker could open up the year as the Jags' long snapper.

It is possible that three to four undrafted free agents will make this roster, which will likely lead the NFL.  

The Jaguars made plenty of statements over the weekend including their stance on quarterbacks in the draft, the amount of competition there will be in the defensive secondary and the belief that Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson will bring explosiveness and "juice" to the team.

This team will be young but should be very fun to watch this season. 


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