WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Can Brock Lesnar Top His Match from Last Year's Show?

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistApril 29, 2013

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Brock Lesnar will once again be a part of Extreme Rules. Last year’s installment featured Lesnar taking on John Cena in an Extreme Rules match, but this time around, he’ll take on Triple H inside a steel cage.

Can Brock Lesnar top his match from last year’s show? Yes, he can. In fact, he already has.

For starters, the history between Triple H and Lesnar is more intense than the Lesnar/Cena feud. Cena and Lesnar did feud before Lesnar left in 2004, but it was never fully developed. When Lesnar returned after WrestleMania 28, he was thrown into battling Cena, a ploy used to build up Cena. Plus, at that point, Lesnar did show few signs of ring rust.

Fast-forward to his feud with Triple H. Lesnar and Triple H’s storyline was more developed into equal ground. A smart move was made by bringing Paul Heyman back to manage Lesnar. He's provided the mouthpiece while Lesnar handles all the action.

The story began immediately after Extreme Rules, with Lesnar breaking Triple H’s arm in the Kimura lock. This story led to their first encounter at SummerSlam, with Lesnar making Triple H tap to the Kimura. WrestleMania 29 featured a no disqualification rematch between the two, and it was clearly better than their first outing. Triple H won the match with a Pedigree on the steel steps, leveling their feud at one victory apiece.

This steel cage match sets up the ultimate victor between the two warriors. Considering how the story has progressed for nearly a year, it already has the advantage and legs that last year’s fight didn’t.

Another factor is the quality of the matches. Even though SummerSlam was received with mixed results, WrestleMania 29 was the better of the two. It shows that Triple H and Lesnar are developing a physical chemistry in their matches, making them better the more they battle. 

The feud is in place, and the steel cage is ready to host this encounter between two warriors. Triple H better be ready because Brock Lesnar will be. Odds are Lesnar will top his performance last year. And don’t expect any ring rust from the beast known as Brock Lesnar.