Undertaker Appears in a Local Commercial for a Texas Church Fundraising Event

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IApril 28, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

During his recent program with The Shield, The Undertaker showed that he is willing to take bumps to help get young talent over with the crowd.

Apparently, Undertaker is a giving person away from the ring, too.

In a commercial now on YouTube for the SPUR Ride and Rally Raffle fundraiser on April 27, Undertaker appears as “Mark”—a nod to his given name of Mark Calaway. The event is sponsored by Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas, where Undertaker and his wife, Michelle McCool, live.

The event culminates with a raffle on June 16, according to the church’s web site. For the grand prize in the raffle, Undertaker donated a West Coast Chopper specifically made for him.

The rally and raffle benefit a veterans group and one of the church’s ministries.

In the commercial, Calaway is one of two “Marks” who will be taking part in the rally. His character is a motorcycle rider, while the other Mark is a mountain biker.

While Undertaker poses and looks tough, the narrator says he is fond of “leather gloves, lots of horsepower, custom steel frames and chokeslamming 400-pound monsters inside the squared circle.” Meanwhile, the other, much smaller Mark is reported to like “careening down treacherous mountain trails” and the “occasional outing for fondue”—much to the chagrin of Mark the motorcyclist.

There is another wrestling reference made when the narrator says Mark the motorcyclist is a seven-time world champion. But there is no reference anywhere to Calaway’s character or WWE in the commercial.

The locally produced commercial ends with the two Marks watching as a kid pedals by on a bike with training wheels.

Calaway is a longtime motorcycle enthusiast. But wrestling fans who saw the commercial had to recognize the link to an Undertaker storyline back in 2000.

Back then, Undertaker took on a character change, ditching the mortician shtick and becoming the “American Bad Ass.” He wore a bandana and leather and entered the arena on a motorcycle. He kept up that character for about three years before disappearing and returning as the character that endeared him to the WWE Universe.

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