Rob Gronkowski Goes Back to College, Chugs Brews and Gives Too Much Information

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 29, 2013

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Hey college, remember Gronk? Because he remembers you, and he’s back to put a size 14 in your door and drink overpriced beer on your porch.

Rob Gronkowski came to Kansas State this weekend to watch his younger brother, Glenn Gronkowski, play in the annual spring game, according to Sean Keeler of Fox Sports Kansas City. Beer chugging, running in the streets and a messy “69” were soon to follow.

Cutting to the chase, Gronk showed up on campus and apparently wandered around town looking to make some friends, crashing a party and bathing his palate in the irony that is high-octane light beer, per 

Wearing a pink security shirt with the warning “Backoff B****es” scrawled on the front, Gronkowski commenced to have what can only be described as a “Gronk Field Day.” Gronk Field Day appeared to include a variety of different events, beginning with the ceremonial opening chug of Bud Light Platinum. 

Which was followed by what looks like a game called “What the hell are you looking at?”

Then it was time for a Gronk fire drill, which involved screaming and running into traffic.

Amidst the party crashing and skullduggery, Gronkowski signed into his host’s guest book (language NSFW), penning his name, the number 87 and “I [heart] to 69” into the registry. Of all the visitors’ personal reasons for being there, Gronkowski’s appears to be the most heartfelt and the enthusiastic.

Of course, what would Gronk Field Day be without the Patriots tight end taking a picture with an attractive woman that makes the Internet a better place?

The trip wasn’t all Bud Light Platinums and flip cup, however, and the Gronk was there at the tunnel to cheer his younger brother straight into a metal divider

That’s just growing up Gronk—you’re going to get thrown bodily into a hard metal structure every once in a while when you’re the youngest of a family filled entirely of giant man-children. 

The only question that remains about Gronk’s trip to K-State is “Great visit? Or greatest visit?”


Reason 4 visit—obvious: Dr__Carson