Tim Tebow Rumors: Star QB Reportedly Unwilling to Switch Positions to TE

John RozumCorrespondent IApril 29, 2013

Will Tebow get another chance in pro football?
Will Tebow get another chance in pro football?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Tim Tebow was released from the New York Jets on Monday, ending his brief yet notable stint with the organization.

Brian Costello of the New York Post reported the news:

While Tebow's release may be unsurprising, one important factor is that the enigmatic quarterback was refusing to make a position switch, as reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.com:

Not wanting to consider changing positions obviously led to this situation as opposed to a trade. It's unfortunate as well, because Tebow's natural athleticism would be good for the tight end position.

Mike Garafolo of the USA Today also writes of Tebow's need to change spots in the NFL:

Tebow's NFL career is now in major jeopardy, unless of course he accepts a role as anything other than a quarterback. The Jets envisioned him as a Swiss Army knife of a player, and Tebow played a bunch of roles for them early last season – pass protector, punt protector, wide receiver and even H-back. The Jets also wanted to use him as a tailback, although that never materialized.

We've seen Tebow's ability to make plays with his feet. Factor in his large frame, and he would be a competitive advantage in short-yard situations and inside the red zone. Just give him a few simple routes, such as a pop pass up the seam, and get Tebow the rock early.

His mobility in space and his willingness to embrace contact gets yards after the catch. Plus, his strength and power certainly helps for run-blocking and reaching the second level from the back side.

As for playing quarterback, it wasn't ever going to work out in New York.

Regardless of Tebow's miraculous run with the Denver Broncos in 2011, that also happened because of their defense and traditional ground attack. As a result, the Broncos were doing a better job of winning the field position and possession battle to let Tebow improvise.

The same cannot be said of the Jets. For one, he didn't provide Gang Green with much confidence during the 2012 preseason.

After throwing zero touchdowns to two picks, sporting a 36.1 completion percentage and getting sacked seven times last August, sitting Tebow was definitely the safer move entering the regular season.

Moving forward, unless Tebow is willing to make a position switch, don't expect anyone to pursue him for the 2013 campaign. He's too much of a gamble under center and the excess baggage of marketability is not appealing.