Washington Redskins: Should They Sign Tim Tebow?

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IApril 29, 2013

Tim Tebow could be a valuable piece in the read-option.
Tim Tebow could be a valuable piece in the read-option.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow about this time last year, he was expected to compete for the starting job and maybe even push Mark Sanchez out of New York. 

Well, that didn’t happen. 

The Jets released Tebow early Monday morning, and thus, speculation began as to where he will end up. It is evident that he is the type of guy who only fits in certain situations and can be prosperous in a very specific, unique system. He may not have the best throwing mechanics, but he is still an effective offensive weapon. He’s a big, athletic guy, and he might be more of a fit in Washington than many would think. 

The Washington Redskins recently signed former NFL quarterback/athlete Pat White this offseason, largely because of his ability to run the read-option in case Robert Griffin III was to go down with another injury. 

Neither White nor Tebow are great passers in their own right, but they are attractive to Washington because of their ability to run the option. 

The other wild card in this is current backup Kirk Cousins. He played well in place of RG3 last season, but he isn’t the ideal player for the read-option. 

Tebow had much success in Denver when he was allowed to run with the ball pretty freely. He may not have had the sexiest numbers, but he won games, and that’s all that matters in the end. 

The biggest question when it comes to this situation is this: would Tebow be a better choice as a read-option backup instead of White? Survey says: "yes."

When comparing White and Tebow, White isn’t quit the athlete that Tebow is. Tebow is a big, bruising runner who can move the chains, whereas White is more of a quick, shifty runner. There are questions surrounding his durability, too. 

The last snap that White took in the NFL didn’t exactly go well, as he ended up getting carted off the field. Aside from that, White’s been out of football for a few years. Tebow may not have had a prominent role in the Jets’ offense last season, but he is still in football shape. It makes you wonder whether the Redskins would’ve even looked at White if Tebow was available. 

The Redskins aren’t looking for their quarterback of the future. They are looking more for a reliable backup who can maintain the constants in their option offense. 

At the very least, they should kick the tires on the former Jet. If Washington did end up signing Tebow, it would probably give them enough comfort to shop Cousins around as trade bait and get some quality players or picks in return. 

Another reason why he would be a quality signing is because he could come in and run a variation of the wildcat, with RG3 on the field as well. 

I mean, c’mon—wouldn’t it be fun to see RG3 and Tebow on the field at the same time? 

When it comes down to it, the Redskins may not even look at Tebow, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. They already have one Heisman winner on the roster, so why not bring in another?