Saturday Morning Slam: Why WWE's Kiddie Show Is Fun for Adults, Too

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertFeatured Columnist IVMarch 28, 2017

WWE junkies can get an added dose of fun from the company's kid-oriented show, Saturday Morning Slam.

From the toy commercials shown during the break to the cheesy presentation, it's clear that the show is aimed at the little ones, but adults can enjoy it as well.

Adults may not want to admit that they like cartoons like Adventure Time and SpongeBob SquarePants, but once one gets over the silly feeling of enjoying kid fare, there's plenty of entertainment to be had. The same is true for Saturday Morning Slam.

Check out guest commentators like Dolph Ziggler call matches. Check out matchups fans may not see elsewhere. The show offers a look at underused talent, amusing backstage segments and entertainment-focused matches for the insatiable WWE fan.


The Benchwarmers Get In The Game

Fans of Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, Justin Gabriel and WWE's little-used talent would much rather those guys get shots at the Intercontinental or United States titles than perform on Saturday mornings, but this is the place to see those guys in action.

Even with all the hours of programming on WWE Raw, WWE Main Event and WWE SmackDown, many wrestlers on the roster are not offered many opportunities to shine on TV.

Ryder, Tatsu or Gabriel followers can tune into Saturday Morning Slam and see their favorites actually make it out of the locker room. Their matches won't be hourlong classics, but they are likely to be longer and more competitive than the squashes they are usually a part of on WWE's other shows.

This match between Gabriel and Kofi Kingston is an enjoyable snack between the heartier action on WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw.

The face vs. face matchup won't have any lasting consequences on WWE's narratives, but it's an exciting bit of high-flying that isn't just something kids would dig. Saturday Morning Slam generally features just one match, but it is often a chance to see a superstar we don't get enough of normally.


Added Amusement

As one might expect, some of Saturday Morning Slam's comedy segments are just too silly for fans who don't depend on an allowance anymore. Other times, though, the show offers some noteworthy performances.

You won't see anything chilling, poignant or intense, but the focus on WWE's fun side sometimes produces some chuckle-worthy stuff. Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan and WWE's funnier members of the roster thrive in the kid-friendly environment and at the same time can still make adults laugh.

Check out this interview with Bryan.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but it sure is fun. Fans who take their wrestling very seriously and pine for the days of ECW may turn their noses at something like this, but they'd be missing out on some fine entertainment.

A part of the beauty of WWE is its versatility. It entertains through violence, it thrills with high-flying and moving personal dramas but also features this kind of cheerful ridiculousness.


The Advantage of Extra

Saturday Morning Slam is a just a little more WWE action to round out your week.

If one expects Saturday Morning Slam to be WWE Raw, disappointment is inevitable. If, however, fans seek out the show in search of a touch more WWE fun, they will get it on a regular basis.

The matches are more playful and focus more on the entertainment part of the equation than standard WWE fare. It is often worth sitting through the grating kid-specific elements for those fans who end the week wishing there was just a little more WWE action to be enjoyed.

Even better, if you record it, you can skip through all the show's silliest stuff and skip ahead to what appeals to you.

Minus commercials, the show is just about 20 minutes. The meat of the show is more like 10 minutes. That's 10 more minutes of WWE to escape the real world with, 10 more minutes of the unique athleticism that WWE offers.

WWE's lighter side may not be as completely satisfying as it's more violent and extreme elements but like eating cereal that is supposed to be just for kids, it's a nice way to start your Saturday.