John Calipari's Daughter Sounds off on Rick Pitino's New 'Embarrassing' Tattoo

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 29, 2013

Even in the offseason, the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry burns on. 

This time, the subject of the banter is ink—specifically, the new tattoo seared onto the back of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino. The tattoo symbolized a promise kept between coach and players, and Coach Cal’s daughter thinks it’s the most embarrassing thing a grown man can do to himself. 

Erin Calipari, daughter of Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari, enjoys firing off pithy commentary on her Twitter account, and her most recent knee-slapper involved a joke about Pitino’s new ink.

From now on when my dad does something embarrassing I will just say to myself "at least he doesn't have a giant back tattoo"

— Erin Calipari (@TheErinCalipari) April 27, 2013

Don't know what you're talking about. Just not a fan of tats "@couvillz: hating on the guy who built the program your dad runs. Stay classy"

— Erin Calipari (@TheErinCalipari) April 27, 2013

As you can see, Erin’s tweet definitely wasn’t a Pitino joke—or so she would like others to believe. 

According to Erin, she has no idea that Pitino had made a promise to his players earlier this last season that he’d get a tattoo if the team won the national championship. She definitely had no idea that he just followed through on his promise last Friday morning, and got a big L tattooed on his back, along with the words “NCAA Champions” and “35-5.”

With the Cardinals winning the national championship and her father’s Wildcats suffering a first-round loss to Robert Morris in the NIT tournament, it’s believable to think frustration could be the motivating factor for Erin’s tattoo musings on Twitter. 

With that being said, it might be best if she cooled it on the social media mockery. It might be considered poor form to start trash-talking when your own team isn’t doing so hot.

Wait until next year, Erin, when Kentucky’s ridiculous incoming class of freshmen hit the court. Until then, the NIT jokes will just keep coming. 

Waiting for Coach Cal to get an ankle tatt: Dr__Carson