College Football Playoff Logo Revealed

Randy ChambersAnalyst IApril 29, 2013


We now know what the new college football playoff logo will look like. After having a week to vote on one of the four options, Brett McMurphy of ESPN tweeted the logo that college football will be stuck with for the next 12 years.

Uh, yeah, we could have done better.

If you aren't familiar with the other logos that had a chance, you can click here to check them out. But then again, that would mean you didn't vote, and that is a big part of the reason we will be forced to look at the second-best option available. Shame on you.

Everybody knows that logo No. 1 was the best available choice, but clearly, there weren't enough of us out there that have actual taste. Now, we are forced to deal with a virtual football that is in a position you only see when a kicker is on the field. A floating football? Ah!

"Representing the ascent of teams to the playoffs, two gold brackets surround a 'virtual' football, and allude to the championship trophy," reads the description of the new logo (h/t official college football playoff website).

The college football playoffs will kick off after the 2014 regular season, and the title game will be played in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. I guess the bright side in all of this is that we won't have to see this logo for another year and eight months until the game is played in the beginning of 2015. But once that game comes around, we won't be able to escape it. 

Hopefully there is a recount that gives us another chance to get it right.

In all seriousness, though, we can all be glad that we are one step closer toward making the college football playoff a reality by ironing out a few minor details. Even with a hideous logo, the playoff is a big step forward for college football.