The magic that is Evan Bourne

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

No one that has seen the 5’9 superstar in action can say that they are not impressed with this high flying very energetic wrestler.

He has a certain aura of excitement about him you can feel it as soon as he enters the arena.

He also has the ability to make anyone that steps into the ring with him look good,even the mediocre wrestlers seem to be able to perfom better, faster and with a renewed energy.

He is one of the most competitive wrestlers in WWE at the moment and very underrated.

With his never give up or tap out style and his perfect finishers the shooting star press and the standing moonsault it is like watching poetry in motion.

If given the chance Bourne would be an excellent challenger for Jack Swagger’s ECW championship match.

He just needs that well deserved ,much over due push.

As for Bourne not being ready for a PPV that is complete madness TNA had not doubts and did not hesitate to put him in the 20 man X Division Gauntlet match at their PPV Victory Road in 2004.
I really don’t think that TNA utilized him to his full potential but at least they had enough faith in him to have him in their PPV.

Bourne has wrestled some of the best in pro wrestling from (with and against) A.J. Styles to John Morrison, CM Punk to Rey Mysterio, and he has held his own in all these matches.

If you missed the match between him and Morrison, you really missed out on one of the best matches I have ever seen Bourne in

Borne started his journey to the WWE like so many others before him on the high school wrestling team, that is where the dream began for Bourne, as a senior he entered the GCW training program and there after wrestled as part of a tag team for the company for a short time .

Bourne was eager and hungry for a title shot and in one years time the opportunity presented it self he joined IWA mid south in November 2003 with in two months he had won his first lightweight championship he kept that title for 5 months.

Bourne moved on to brighter pastures and more opportunities by joining NWA.

With in one month of joining Bourne had won his second championship the NWA Midwest X Division Championship , he kept the title for 12 months pretty impressive if you ask me.

He joined TNA in 2004 for a short stay and then moved on to ROH
Where he formed several tag teams allegiances with Fast Eddie Vegas as “The Air Devils “, as the fourth member of “Generation Next”.

In 2006 he entered the Dragon Gate within a year he had won the
Open the Brave Gate title he held that title for over a month.
He was the first non Japanese who had ever won that title

In October 2007 Bourne joined OVW on a developmental contract.
Within 3 months in December of that year he once again stepped up to the plate to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

In March of 2008 Bourne debuted at FCW where he defeated T.J .Wilson soon after he was called up to the main roster of ECW, which brings up to this date.

I have no idea why the WWE is holding him back , if given the chance and right push I truly believe that Bourne will become an undisputed superstar of the future.

Thanks for the push AkD