WWE Fans Are Too Preoccupied with Undertaker's Eventual Retirement

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMay 2, 2013

Photo courtesy of maxgossip.com
Photo courtesy of maxgossip.com

WWE fans are always wondering or worrying about something.

If it’s not a John Cena heel turn, it’s who the leader of The Shield might be. If it’s not who the leader of The Shield is, it’s when Randy Orton is going to turn heel. If it’s not—well, you get the point.

Wrestling fans are so accustomed to worrying about the future and predicting what may happen that they often get too caught up with something that is ultimately nothing more than a hypothetical situation. I’ve done it and continue to do it, and chances are, you still do, too.

Perhaps one of the biggest things wrestling fans seem to be so preoccupied with these days is The Undertaker’s eventual retirement.

Because we’ve only seen “The Deadman” compete sparingly over the last few years, we’ve all been wondering when his days in the ring will be over and done with for good. Now that he’s wrestled a couple of TV matches for the first time in three years too, we’re asking ourselves if Taker still has another three or four years left, despite his advanced age.

The more we worry about it, the more we drive ourselves crazy. The bottom line, after all, is that no one really knows when The Undertaker will call it quits—perhaps not even The Undertaker himself.

So, why fret about something that’s completely out of our control? Why worry about when The Undertaker will retire when, regardless of any signs pointing toward his career coming to a close soon, he’s still going strong?

We just witnessed The Undertaker wrestle three great matches over the course of a three-week span, and he showed no signs of slowing down. His WrestleMania 29 match was far and away the best match on the card (and the second best match of the year so far). He went on to show just a couple of weeks later on Raw that he can still wrestle more than one match a year if he wants to.

While his age and all the wear and tear on his body would suggest that The Undertaker will be done soon, it seems like an awfully dumb idea to sit here and worry about when his career will end week after week. All that’s going to do is drive us insane.

Rather, we should all do what we often forget to do because we’re too busy analyzing every situation in pro wrestling: Enjoy the ride while we still can.

The Undertaker is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time. He’s a surefire future Hall of Famer, a living legend and a one-of-a-kind superstar, the likes of which will never come around again.

Do we really want to spend what could be his final few years in the ring worrying about when his career will finally come to an end?  Or, do we want to just watch his matches and feuds, soak it all in and appreciate what we’re witnessing?

After all, the reality is that The Undertaker’s eventual retirement may not come this year, next year or even the year after that. It may be several years down the road before “The Phenom” hangs it up for good, and yet, many of us (myself included) have acted like it’s going to happen tomorrow.

Look, I get it—this is what wrestling fans do. We worry, we think, we predict and we analyze. That’s a big part of what makes wrestling fun.

But overthinking something that is completely out of our control can suck all of that fun out of something that we love to watch because it entertains us. So, sit back, watch and be entertained rather than giving yourselves headaches over the retirement of someone that may not be retiring anytime soon.

The Undertaker will retire whenever he feels like he wants or needs to. Us being preoccupied with that retirement isn’t going to change a damn thing.


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