Cody Rhodes Is a WWE Superstar Stuck in Neutral

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013

Cody Rhodes did a lot more with the mask than he does with the mustache now.
Cody Rhodes did a lot more with the mask than he does with the mustache now.Gallo Images/Getty Images

Cody Rhodes is a WWE Superstar stuck in neutral.

The former Intercontinental Champion had a promising singles career, until he lost the Intercontinental title to Christian last year. He showed promise with Damien Sandow, forming the heel tag team “Rhodes Scholars.” Unfortunately, they haven’t done much since then.

The team had their chance to capture tag team gold at Hell in a Cell and the Royal Rumble, but failed on both occasions.

They’ve been stuck in a feud with Tons of Funk, the team of Brodus Clay and Sweet T. No offense to Tons of Funk, but this isn’t what many fans pictured them doing.

Sandow is an example of a Superstar who’s earning his stripes. It may be a slow ride, but he’ll find his way to a title. Cody Rhodes, that’s a different story.

Neutral in Rhodes’ career is going in full circles. First, Rhodes becomes part of a tag team, then moves on to one-on-one action and then following that brief stint, goes back to a tag team.

He went from Legacy to on his own, then onto a team with Drew McIntyre. Rhodes then split from him to win Intercontinental gold, and then created Rhodes Scholars with Sandow. Do you see the pattern here?

Why is Rhodes stuck in neutral? He beat former world champion Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 27.

His Intercontinental reign was one of the longest in recent memory. For 236 days, he held that once prestigious title. He fought many wrestlers and brought back the old Intercontinental title belt. He even fought at WrestleMania 28 to defend it. Even though Rhodes lost to the Big Show that night, it marked the first time in three years the title was up for grabs.

He also put on a good free TV match on Raw against Randy Orton. Despite losing to Orton, Rhodes still put up a strong effort against him.

The point is Rhodes deserves better. He should at least still be a part of that midcard lineup that desperately needs to be built up. Rhodes can work himself up again in that division.

Another option can be the tag team division. Maybe Rhodes Scholars can go the face route instead of their heel ways for a change. Maybe they’ll finally capture the tag team division and enter a lengthy feud. A feud with Team Hell No or The Shield can revitalize the division.

Regardless, it’s time for Cody Rhodes to stop driving his career in neutral gear. He’s more than ready to take the driver’s seat in the WWE.