Blackhawks Reporter Slips Up on Air

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 1, 2013

Accidents happen—some are just more immaculately timed than others, however.

CSN news reporter Susannah Collins experienced a perfectly placed and wondrously salacious Freudian slip before Tuesday night’s Chicago Blackhawks game.

The incident occurred after the upstairs analysts sent the live feed down to Collins, who was standing outside the Blackhawks dressing room. Collins began smoothly, with the reporter rapping off her introduction about the Blackhawks’ aspirations for the playoffs and the earth-moving amount of "sex" they’ve had so far this season.

Wait a minute, something is...different here.

Yes, Collins messed up, and a little tongue-twister clipped the word “success” into something completely different, and the rest was backtracking and young, dead-eyed men staring at their TV screens and chuckling “Huh”

Collins laughed off her slip-up on Twitter afterward. 

Erm, yeah. I meant to say success. My apologies, got a little tongue tied. #ItHappens#Doh!

— Susannah Collins (@susannahcollins) April 30, 2013

Don't worry, I'll do my best to avoid saying "Clutterbuck" tonight. Can't have a other slip-up!#thatdidntgothewayiplanned

— Susannah Collins (@susannahcollins) May 1, 2013

In Collins’ defense, the young lady does a lot of Blackhawks’ reporting, and she has had to have heard some rumors of some freak-nasty Patrick Kane behavior while working these games. It also could’ve been the awful pheromones and stench wafting out of the locker room that caused the slip. 

Or maybe it's just like she said—she messed up—you know, that thing some people do from time to time.

But I’ve already lost you at this point. By now, everyone’s heads are far away, thinking of greasy Chicago nights at Portillos with the Blackhawks, followed by a randy romp on the ferry out to Navy Pier.

I’m trying to defend this poor woman, and all you scurrilous curs can think of is Blackhawks conducting themselves in a lewd and lascivious manner under the Bean.

Obviously, I’m joking. The Blackhawks would never do these things (they prefer getting in trouble in the backseats of taxis).

Anyways, I tried to help her, but knowing the Internet, we’ll all be treated to an auto-tuned remix of Collins’ Freudian folly set to the tune of a certain Jeremih song.


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