If Cena's Injured, the Shield Are the Best Option to Hold WWE Championship

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

If John Cena's injury is severe enough, which it might be, get the title off of him.

There is a difference between being a tough guy who works through pain and being stupid and injuring yourself to the point of no return. If you're trying to hustle and get discovered by WWE, the decision-making is different than when you're Cena and you're what the company needs long term.

If this injury were in January or February during the road to WrestleMania, Cena would tough it out because WWE would ask him to do so and promise him time to rest after WrestleMania. Well, right now it's after WrestleMania, and everyone has already gone home. You don't want to risk Cena making the injury worse and being out longer.

Immediately you would imagine Ryback taking the title off of Cena because he's in a match with him at Extreme Rules.

What about The Shield? No, really, what about The Shield? They're more worthy than anyone to have the WWE Championship and it would be interesting television.

They've been put in big matches and won them all. They're still undefeated. Ryback has yet to win a big match. I know in pro wrestling wins and losses don't determine who is going to challenge for a title, but if you put The Shield and Ryback side by side, it's too powerful of a landslide to ignore.

The Shield is the most legitimate attraction WWE has. They make the most sense. They've beaten down every big name in the company. They've won matches against The Undertaker. Tuning in every week knowing the collective group of The Shield is holding the most important title all in the name of justice is the most interesting scenario WWE could offer, and much more interesting than Ryback doing it.

Use Demolition/Fabulous Freebird rules on not one member holding the title but The Shield being the WWE Champions. That's never happened with the WWE Championship. It puts over the group that much more.

The scenarios are endless regarding how the title gets defended and what the future holds. Championship or not, whoever beats The Shield and breaks their undefeated streak is a big deal. This would also make it so whoever beats The Shield becomes champion. That's a big deal, the way the WWE title should be.

Also, imagine if CM Punk—who has been closely tied with The Shield for months—came back from hiatus. He could be a face again and challenge The Shield, or they could stick with the close affiliation they've been linked to having and The Shield hands the belt over to him. It would seem like this whole thing has been one big elaborate plan.

There is so much potential with The Shield, it's almost too easy. That being said, who wants to take the easy route when you can do Ryback Rules?