A.J. Francis Celebrates Birthday with Dolphins Contract and Marriage Proposal

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 1, 2013

A.J. Francis, a previously undrafted free agent, celebrated his birthday with horrible singing, a Dolphins announcement and a marriage proposal.

Yes, this video has everything. 

Deadspin reports on a video packed with happiness. For those looking for smiles, here is the moment Francis decided to tell his friends that the Miami Dolphins had just signed him. 

Video does contain some NSFW language at the end. 

Francis uploaded the video to YouTube and calls the version of Happy Birthday, "The worst rendition of happy birthday ever."

We are inclined to agree.

But hey, it wouldn't be "Happy Birthday" without friends screaming the song horribly. 

He also calls the video, "The Biggest 3 Minutes of My Life." Again, we are in complete agreement. 

As Deadspin reminds, Francis played four years on the defensive line for Maryland and wasn't drafted at the recent NFL Draft. 

But a day of disappointment turned around completely. As The Washington Post reports, about nine teams reached out to Francis with free-agent deals. After some thought, he went with the Dolphins' offer. 

His birthday was already one he wouldn't forget, but he had one more surprise for his friends cheering him on and his girlfriend of two years, Tatiana Uruburo. 

It sounds like Francis was already set on marrying Uruburo, no matter what NFL fate brought him on the last day of the draft.  

The Washington Post report states just an hour after signing with the Dolphins the defensive lineman was ready to present a ring to his future wife. 

There is a downside to cramming a life's worth of happiness into a few hours: Francis has no time to celebrate. This is because he is due at Dolphins minicamp, which is scheduled for May 3-5. 

But it doesn't seem to bother Francis, as he would later say, "Just the biggest day of my life."

Yup, that about sums it up nicely. 


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