Summer Rae: Introducing Fandango's New Dancer/Valet from WWE NXT

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

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Observant fans noticed that in recent weeks, WWE replaced the woman dancing alongside Fandango with NXT prospect Summer Rae.

Others may be wondering who she is. Rae (real name: Danielle Moinet) may not be as adept a ballroom dancer as her predecessor, but she is a promising Diva who could thrive in an on-screen authority role, as a valet or as an in-ring performer.

Fans of FCW and NXT already know about her improving ring skills. Everyone else will notice her attractiveness right away.

Rae is a former Lingerie Football League player, a cornerback and captain for the Chicago Bliss. Among her slender, pretty teammates, Rae stood out because she is 5'10''. Her look, her size and her athleticism clearly caught WWE's eye.

When NXT was still FCW, Rae served as the show's General Manger.

She plays a convincing narcissist. She will remind some folks of the cool girls in high school who formed cliques with the school's prettiest and most popular and looked down on everyone else. Check her out in this segment with former Diva Maxine.

This kind of irritating arrogance is a trait that will likely land her a similar role in WWE and that will make her a versatile member of the roster. She can be a snarky and sultry valet in the vein of Goldust's Marlena. She can be a snobbish Diva who has nasty things to say about Kaitlyn.

This is assuming, of course, that she eventually leaves Fandango's side and ventures out on her own.

She's talented and the Divas division is too lacking to keep Rae out of the fray for long.

Her long, blonde hair and eye-catching legs will have fans thinking of Maryse and Kelly Kelly, but Rae can outwrestle both of those women. She brings a surprising amount of aggression to her matches. When she nails a foe with a clothesline, it's no dainty pantomime, but an impressive weapon.

Her finisher, a spinning heel kick, has gone from floppy to formidable during her time in WWE's developmental promotion.

Realistically, though, it's her looks that will get her noticed and have her climbing rungs on WWE's ladder. The fact that The Bella Twins get far more ring time than the talented Natalya Neidhart is proof of the importance of appearance in the Divas division. Rae fits the WWE standard for its ideal women's wrestlers.

The company seeks out women who photograph well, who will land magazine covers and TV appearances. Rae is going to excel in that department.

Rae's new role as Fandango's dancer will make things interesting going forward. Each time out, fans have to wonder if she will turn on him, if each moment fans watch her is the moment she begins her WWE career in earnest.