Pancakes and Powerslams Episode 57: Exclusive Post-Raw Footage of Cena, Fandango

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2013

This episode of Pancakes and Powerslams featured more off-camera notes from Raw, with John Cena thanking the Make-A-Wish kids, as well as Fandango playing a babyface to the crowd post-Raw.

Smackdown provided a rare appearance of the Undertaker in the form of a match against Dean Ambrose, putting the Shield over.

Impact Wrestling gave us further storyline development with A.J. Styles, James Storm and Aces and Eights, as well as the return of Sting. ROH was the go-home show to Border Wars, with ROH gaining momentum before the PPV.



Although Raw was not terrible, it really shows the lack of depth of the current roster. There were a host of superstars that were not there, forcing the Columbus crowd to watch a show with a thin roster. Superstars such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Miz, Wade Barrett, CM Punk (who is out with nagging injuries) and the Big Show did not appear.

This alone shows that the WWE need to immediately start pushing more people so that we won't be so dependent on an injured John Cena and CM Punk, or part-timers.

I mentioned on the show that more pay-per-view shows should be headlined by World Heavyweight Championship matches, even using part-timers such as Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar. The title needs to revive its prestige so that we aren't so dependent on the WWE Championship headlining.

The match between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes was fantastic. It was a pay-per-view caliber match, and really showed how much the WWE is holding back Cody Rhodes. There should be no reason why Rhodes should not be in the World Heavyweight Championship picture right now.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston was also a good match. These two have really developed a great feud over the past five years, putting on some of the best matches in recent memory on Raw and Smackdown. The ending pretty much created an avenue for Big E.

Langston is set to compete against Kingston for the US Title, in which we may see Big E win his first singles title in the WWE.

The Shield defeated John Cena and Team Hell No, continuing their undefeated streak. I mentioned on the show that although it is a good thing to make The Shield impressive, they have beaten a total of eight world champions—Cena, Jericho, Sheamus, Big Show, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane and Undertaker—since their debut.

The predictability factor of them winning the tag team title is inevitable, and making them a bit weaker would create the impression that any future team has a chance of beating them, even with their impressive resume.


Exclusive Post-Raw Footage: Cena Thanking The Make-A-Wish Kids and Fandango Playing a Babyface

The Shield also showed their dominance on Smackdown, taking out The Undertaker. Again, kudos to the Phenom for seeing so much in the Shield that he is willing to invest in their future. With the thin roster, it was good to see The Undertaker appear a couple of more times to put The Shield over.



Impact Wrestling brought an interesting element back on television—the possible reformation of Fortune. Although this probably will not happen, it is a good common ground to include James Storm and Bad Influence in the A.J. Styles mystery.

Good to see that Chris Sabin is coming back, but I do not think it is a good idea to include him in the convoluted X Division title structure. Sabin deserves to be in the world title hunt, and at the very least, the TV title picture.

Nice "return" of Sting, reminiscent of the inception of his Crow gimmick—being rejected by the company, but still determined to fight for the good cause. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

I sure hope that we do not see Hulk Hogan in an actual match, because Impact Wrestling was all we needed to see. His "hulk up" was quite feeble, and it certainly wouldn't have been good if he would have attempted to give Bully Ray the "big leg," seeing how he recently had surgery.



ROH TV gave the Ring of Honor roster a slight advantage leading into this weekend's Border Wars pay-per-view against S.C.U.M. At first, S.C.U.M. continued to show their dominance, defeating B.J. Whitmer, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. However, ROH gained steam by Jay Lethal defeating Rhett Titus, and Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole defeating Matt Hardy and Rhino.

Border Wars is setting up to be a pretty good PPV in Toronto. The matches, for the most part, are preparing the ROH fans for some amazing bouts, and we will see if S.C.U.M. reigns supreme at the conclusion of the event.


Flavor of the Week: Raw Correspondent Derrick Talks His Time Wrestling With Dean Ambrose

Raw correspondent Derrick had some really good exclusive information about Dean Ambrose. He talks wrestling with him in the former WWE developmental promotion, his humility and gratefulness of having the opportunity to live his dream and his reaction to wrestling in front of his largest crowd at the time. Tune in below for more.

Trivia Questions Asked:

  • Who was the leader of the LWO?
  • What wrestler was known as the "Chairman of the WCW?"
  • Who were the members of the Radicalz?
  • Who managed the Skyscrapers?
  • Who won the first Royal Rumble?
  • Who did Randy Savage defeat to become "Macho King?"

We have a lot of fun during the show. Tune and call in live on Tuesday nights at 11p.m. ET.


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